Tajweed Rules (Quranic Qaida)

 Learn Tajweed Rules (Quranic Qaida)  In Tajweed Rules (Quranic Qaida), we will start the Quran from the fundamental level, which means we will Learn Tajweed Rules from scratch. Some of the students did not know anything about How to Learn Tajweed Rules & How to Learn Noorani Qaida, or how to read a set of letters. Kids are rules learning process. From zero we’ll teach our students the principles by explaining how he understands them in a simple and straightforward way. In any case, it’ll help tons to college kids to learn Tajweed rules and Arabic Alphabets, how we’ll apply the principles to Arabic words, what proportion we’ll stretch, and when the word will be strong.

Methods we use for kids

       We teach Quranic Qaida, which includes all Tajweed rules, and we do not use the standard books for Tajweed study because it is hard for scholars. We design our course work with an easy approach that is beneficial to the students, especially teenagers. 

Arabic Alphabet & Its Signs What Are They & How Do We Understand Them

            We will begin with a Singular Letter in alphabetical order, that is, a letter without signs (void of signs) and afterwards we will examine the Signs.

                    What is Harakaat (Signs)

           The Signs are following the letter to understand the sound of letter with its Signs For example in Quranic Qaida we will know about that type of Sings that are helpful for the student to Read Quran Correctly the Signs are as follows: 

1- Consonants (Sakin Words)

2- Short Vowels (Harakaat (Signs)

3- Long Vowels (Maddah Letters)

4- Tanween Signs 

5- Soft Vowels (Leen Letter) 

6- Noon Sakin & Tanween 

7- Meem Sakin 

8- Rules of Raa 

9- Rules of Lam 

10- Noon e Qutni

11- Waqf (Stoping Signs)

Tajweed and How It Will Be Taught

         From the pronunciation of the alphabets, our teacher starts his tajweed lesson. In this lesson, our teacher determines the level of IQ of each student & teaches them in accordance with his efforts and abilities. Through the lesson’s information, students can understand Tajweed rules at the earliest level. Therefore, we apply the best teaching methods to teach students in a pleasant, friendly environment. So What are you waiting for, Register Today and get your free trial class, Click the button below for Registeration.


Qiratul Quran is An Online Quran Institute. we Offered to Learn Online Quran With Tajweed For Kids & Adults & Quran Memorization (Hifz e Quran) in UK & USA

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