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Learn Quran Online
Learn Quran Online

Online Quran Classes in Qiratul Quran Worldwide especially in UK & USA. We’re working hard to ensure that Qiratul Quran provides you a good quality education that will be helpful for you & for your kids & that’s the aim of Qiratul Quran & inshaAllah our students become a Good learner & Best Quran Qari & Our Egyptian Quran Teachers will help you.

Quran Memorization Online
Quran Memorization Online


Students practice at their own place, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning in great way.


Created by experts, Qiratul Quran’s library of trusted practice and lessons covers Islamic education and more. Always great for learners and teachers.


With us, teachers can identify gaps in their students’ understanding, helpful instruction, and meet the needs of every student.

We empower teachers to support their entire classroom. 90% of US & UK teachers from Egypt, who have used the Qiratul Quran have found us effective.

E Learning Worldwide

We provide quality E Learning Education worldwide with the great impact to our students.

Student Exercises

Our students gets daily exercise to learn extra from our platform to empower their bright career.

Uplifting Students

We promise to uplift our students so that they can also make themselves proud in their life.

learn quran online for beginners
Learning the Quran for Beginner
Online Quran Classes for kids

Build a deep, solid understanding of Islamic education such as Tajweed RulesReading Quran, Tafseer, Arabic Spoken, Arabic Grammer, and more. Learners start from here at our platform.

Online Quran Classes for Adults UK
uk quran academy
UK Quran Academy

Across the globe, 617 million children are missing Islamic education. At Qiratul Quran Online Egyptian Quran Academy, We’re Providing Best & Qualified Egyptian Quran Teachers for your kids & adults.

Boost Your Career!

Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight.

Five Star Quality

We contributes to the improvement of the overall quality of life in our community through teaching in Islamic educational services.

Get Close To Your Mentor

Our Education system helps you to get close to your mentor and ask anything about your career.

Satisfied Students

Fahad Hussain Student

i have been a student at Qiratul Quran for over a year. It has helped me tremendously and their flexible schedule availability that revolves around you is really professional. I highly recommend giving it a try with them


I tried a lot about finding best and well qualified teachers and finaly i found one of the best Egyptian Teacher and i am very satisfied with the teacher they provided me.

Mahad Student

My Best teacher in this academy Shaykh Habib AL- Azhari & also a best & very polite teacher.

Jannat Fatima Student

Qiratul Quran is the excellent way to learn Quran in correct way with thajweed. the teacher is great in teaching and the admin act really efficiently I would recommend Qiratul Quran.

Ayesha Mother

I am very happy with our sons Quran teacher. My son is really enjoying and making great progress. I would highly recommend as a great and convenient way to learn Quran. Thank you so much.

Fazilah Mother

Great programs. The teachers are very responsive and dedicated. My son loves it and is learning so much already. Will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for achievement in learning Quran and Arabic.

Ahmed Ali Sultan Father

My Kid in Qiratul Quran he has learnt so much in only a few months. Everyone is amazing and accommodate your availability always. The teachers are always giving parents updateS. It’s a wonderful program.

Ahmed Mustafa Student

Qiratul Quran is the best Quran teaching Academy with the very professional and experienced online Quran teachers. I recommend it for all my friends.

Safa Maher Mother

Thank you for your efforts good teaching for kids.

Mehmood Raza Father

Very professional and Hardworking Staff and they are Teaching With Proper tajweed rules۔ My Daughter Completed Memorization course from Online Quran Academy۔ enroll yourself thanks.

    Skills We Are Good At!

    Our Skill Ratings
    Quran Readng 100%
    Tajweed 95%
    Islamic Studies 96%


    Qiratulquran is a key to build a best Quran Qari