# Courses Duration
1 Quran Reading #
2 Tajweed Rules
3 Quran Memorization 3 to 4 years
4 Arabic Spoken 3 Months
5 Tafseer e Quran #
6 Islamic Studies #

Qiratul Quran Courses Details

1- Quran Memorization Course for Kids & Adults

Qiratul Quran offers a comprehensive Hifz program for both children and adults. Students first build a strong foundation in Quranic reading and tajweed rules. This ensures they can pronounce Quranic words accurately before memorizing them.

Their dedicated teachers then guide students to memorize the Quran in small passages using proven repetition-based techniques. Kids as young as 4 can enroll, memorizing short surahs before progressing to larger portions. Their young minds memorize quickly, aiming to finish in 3-4 years.

Hifz for Adults have customized plans based on how much time they can dedicate. And Quran Hifz for Kids Teachers encourage consistent practice and provide tips to memorize new verses while retaining old ones. Adults take 4-6 years, benefiting greatly from one-on-one teacher guidance.

Upon full Quran memorization at Qiratul Quran, students strengthen their word-for-word retention of Quran through intensive testing. And Quran Hifz for Sisters our comprehensive methods ensure every student gains a deep understanding of the Quran’s meaning alongside memorization. Students graduate as Huffaz, ready to enter their next phase of lifelong revision.

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2- Tajweed Course (Noorani Qaida Classes) For Kids & Adults

Learn the art of Tajweed to recite the Quran properly at Qiratul Quran. Our experienced Arabic Quran teachers provide online and in-person Noorani Qaida classes for kids and adults. Start from the basics of Arabic letters, harakat, and pronunciation rules.

We customize our Tajweed courses into different levels from beginner to advanced depending on your current skills. Learn to recite with proper makharij and apply all Tajweed rules. Our systematic curriculum and regular practice sessions ensure you gain fluency and confidence.

Whether you want to lead prayers, memorize the Quran or become a Qari, our Tajweed course is the perfect foundation. Achieve accurate recitation and unlock deeper understanding of Allah’s words through best in class instructors at Qiratul Quran Institute (QQI).

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3- Qiratul Quran Qirat Courses Online

Master the melodious art of Qirat and recite the Quran beautifully with Qiratul Quran’s online Qirat courses. Learn from experienced Qurra who will guide you in the proper application of tajweed rules combined with the tune and style of different Qiraat

Our structured curriculum covers all essential elements – Makharij, Sifat, and ahkam to help you adopt an authentic Qirat style. Whether you want to recite Qirat e Khattabi, Qirat e Abu Amr, or any other method, our personalized 1-on-1 sessions ensure you gain expertise. 

Our online platform makes classes accessible from anywhere at your own pace. With regular practice of our recorded tutorials, you will achieve fluency in Qirat recitation. Become an inspirational Qari that touches hearts through our best-in-class Qirat training at Qiratul Quran. Enroll now!

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4- Maqamat Courses to Beautify your Quran Recitation

Make your Quran recitation to a beautiful level with QQI’s Maqamat courses. Our institute’s specialized Maqamat training by expert Qurra’ will help you master the beautiful vocal techniques to create soulful melodies. Learn to embellish your recitation with classical taans to make it more impactful. 

Our structured curriculum covers the Arabic maqamsRast, Bayat, Sika, and more – step-by-step from basics to advanced application. One-on-one online sessions allow personalized guidance in your Maqamat journey. 

With regular practice of one maqam each month you will be able to apply it adeptly during recitation. Stand out with your Quran recitation by registering for our Maqamat courses today. Know this secret key that leaves audiences spellbound mashaAllah!

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5- Arabic Langauge Course & Arabic Grammar Course

Learn to read, write and speak Arabic with authenticity through Qiratul Quran’s Arabic courses. Taught by qualified native Arabic linguists, our in-depth curriculum enables you to gain fluency at your own pace. Start from the alphabet and build up a strong base with grammar rules, expanding vocabulary, daily conversations, and more. 

Choose between Modern Standard Arabic for academic proficiency or Egyptian dialect for commercial communication. Prepare for specialized field proficiency too including media, healthcare, hospitality, etc.

 Our online platform allows convenient access while AI tools evaluate your pronunciation. With expert guidance and continuous practice, master Arabic grammar and language skills with certified courses from Qiratul Quran.

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6- Quran Tafseer Course

Go deeper into the translation and the meaning of the Quran with the Qiratul Quran’s Tafseer course taught by renowned Islamic scholars. Our comprehensive syllabus takes you through translations and meticulous explanations of the Quran verse by verse. 

Gain insights into the Quranic, cultural, and historical context when each ayah was revealed. Our expert trainers clarify doubts and teach how to derive lessons from Allah’s words to apply in daily life. Learn to analyze the Quran through an authorized scholarly lens rather than personal interpretations. 

Our Tafseer Courses are available for all skill levels from beginners seeking basic understanding to advanced students preparing for Islamic research or Imamat roles including specialization in Usul-ut-Tafseer methodology. Sign up with the Qiratul Quran today to unlock the true essence of the Noble Quran.

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7- Islamic Studies Courses

Deepen your faith by enrolling in Qiratul Quran’s Islamic Studies courses today. From basics of Islamic beliefs to interpretation of Quranic teachings, our expert scholars guide you through a comprehensive curriculum. Learn the authentic Seerah (life history) of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and stories of the Sahabah in an engaging way. 

Gain clarity on rituals of worship, Muamalat, and other principles derived from authentic Hadith texts. Prepare for Muslim Imamat roles or general religious proficiency. Choose from weekend or full-time tracks.

 One-on-one mentorship ensures concepts are clarified according to your aptitude through online lectures, interactive forums, and doubt-clearing. Sign up now to develop wisdom and spiritual connection through authentic knowledge in our flagship Islamic Studies program at Qiratul Quran.

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