Quran Memorization in Murattal (Slowed & Tarteel) Style

Quran Memorization in Murattal (Slowed & Tarteel) Style
Quran Memorization in Murattal (Slowed & Tarteel) Style

Overview of  Quran Memorization in Murattal Style

To do Quran Memorization in Murattal style Qiratul Quran will give the overview:

  • Murattal is a style of Quran recitation in Maqamat where the reciter recites slowly and melodiously, pronouncing each letter clearly and applying the Tajweed rules of recitation.
  • It allows listeners to understand and contemplate the meaning of each verse.
  • Murattal style is recommended for memorizing the Quran, as it helps commit the words and rules of tajweed to memory.

What is the Murattal Quran?

A Murattal recording of the Quran is where each word is recited slowly and clearly in a melodious tone. Special attention is given to the accurate pronunciation of each letter (Makhraj) as well as the rules of recitation (tajweed). The pacing allows the listener to easily discern each word being recited.

Some key features of Murattal style recitations are:

  • Slow pace with 1-3 seconds pause between each verse
  • Proper enunciation of every letter
  • Application of Tajweed rules
  • Melodious and soothing vocalization

This method stands in contrast to normal recitations where the pace is much faster.

Benefits of Memorizing the Quran in Murattal Style

  • Hearing each letter recited slowly helps memorize the exact pronunciation and application of tajweed rules.
  • The melodic nature makes it easier to remember the verses.
  • A slow pace allows time to understand and reflect on the meaning while memorizing.
  • Easier to identify and correct mistakes compared to normal pace recitation.
  • Develops more Khushoo (humility and concentration) during Quran recitation.

Tips for Memorizing the Quran with Murattal Recordings

  • Choose one standard version by a skilled qari to listen to consistently.
  • Repeat after the qari verse by verse while focusing on the meaning.
  • Take notes on tough spots and review them.
  • Recite to a teacher regularly for feedback.
  • Set a realistic daily target number of verses to memorize.
  • Review the memorized verses consistently throughout the day.

Detailed Benefits of Murattal Hifz for Long-Term Retention

There are several key advantages to using Murattal recordings for hifz specifically from the perspective of strengthening long-term retention:

Comprehension Best Slowed Tarteel Memorization

The slower pace and clarity of each letter and word enable easier comprehension of the precise meaning of what is being recited. This links the sound and meaning that the brain can hold onto, thereby cementing the memorization.

Identifying Letter Pronunciations Gets Easier

Struggling to identify the exact sound of each letter is a common challenge when memorizing the Quran. Murattal style enhances recognition of the distinct pronunciations, especially letters that sound similar like ص, س, and ز.

Internalizing Rules of Recitation For Slowed Hifz Memorization

Many hifz students initially rely on mimicry and repetition to memorize rather than fully understanding the rules of tajweed. Listening to Murattal Quran allows for internalizing the proper application of rules related to things like timings, merges, and pronunciations.

Picking Up on Subtle Nuances For Best Quran Memorization Paratice in Tarteel

No two recitations of the Quran sound identical even when the words are the same. Each qari (reciter) has a unique signature vocal style. Murattal style for Quran Memorization gives guidelines to the learner to these subtle tones and style nuances that create deeper creative familiarity.

Strengthens Auditory Linkages

Since Murattal recitations for Quran Memorization slow down the audio input substantially compared to normal recitations, the brain forms robust connections between the heard sound and visual word leading to higher memorability.

Emulation Helps With Practice

Being able to easily identify the sound of each letter and word enables the student of hifz to accurately emulate the same when they do their own Murattal Quran recitations. This further helps in reinforcing Quran memorization Murattal style.

Long-Term Exposure Embeds Patterns For Slowed Version of Quran Hifz

Science has shown that the brain automatically detects patterns when exposed to something for prolonged periods. Listening to slow and clear Murattal Quran Memorization allows our subconscious brain to intrinsically pick up and embed letter and word patterns and sequences.

Accent Familiarity Assists Rhythmical Flow/Pattern

Quran reciters tend to have distinct cultural and regional accents. Constant exposure over months and years to a specific set of accents through Murattal recordings helps align one’s own memorized recitation accent to spring from the same rhythmical flow/pattern.

Motivation for Consistent Recap

The melodious tone and measured pace make Murattal recitation an enjoyable exercise for recap and revision. This provides added motivation to keep doing consistent recaps even after completing memorization.

Stronger Grasp as Understanding Deepens

As spiritual maturity and understanding of deen deepen over time, studying the meanings behind memorized verses takes on new significance. Listening to Murattal facilitates a stronger grasp and connection with enhanced understanding.

Optimal Process for Murattal Quran Hifz Retention

Here is a brief overview of the suggested process to leverage Murattal recordings to maximize memorization retention:

Listen Actively First

Instead of directly attempting to recite what you are trying to memorize, begin with active listening to Murattal audio on repeat 2-3 times with the Arabic script in front. Allow the sounds to get firmly established in your mind.

Engage in Echoing

Once your comprehension of the segment is strong, start attempting to echo the Murattal audio by pausing after each verse and trying to identically reproduce what you just heard. Repeat multiple times till naturalized.

Mimic and Match

Do your recitation out loud trying to match the tone, makhraj, rhythm, and pace as accurately as possible to the original audio. If parts don’t sound right, go back to echoing of those sections.

Rhythmical Flow/Pattern Consistency Reinforces Retention

Stick with mimicking the same Murattal recording over an extended period instead of frequently changing sources to maximize neurological pattern recognition of that particular rhythmical flow/pattern, which helps hifz retention.


In summary, Murattal Quran recitation facilitates efficient memorization with accurate pronunciation and tajweed rules. Its measured pace, proper enunciation, melodious tone, and application of tajweed facilitate comprehension – a key factor in memorization.

Listening to Murattal daily helps strengthen neural pathways associated with hifz. It reinforces memorization through repetition and aids long-term retention by preventing memory erosion over time. Detecting lapses early and motivation for consistent recap also play a role.

As understanding and maturity have enhanced over the years, routine listening to melodious Murattal recitation facilitates ever stronger grasp and connection with the Divine Words that have been memorized. This is why the Murattal method is excellent for the long-term preservation and strengthening of hifz.


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