Online Quran Classes for Adults UK

online Quran classes for Adults UK
online Quran classes for Adults UK

Online Quran classes for adults UK


Main features of our Online Quran classes for adults UK.

  • Highly qualified Quran tutors for Adults
  • Amazing teaching techniques to make learning Quran for adults easy
  • Interactive online Quran classes for adults in UK via Zoom app
  • Free trial for adults learning Quran online
  • Learn Quran online for adults UK in a budget-friendly fee structure
  • One-on-one and group Online Quran classes UK
  • Learn Quran for adults online on a flexible schedule
  • Certificates for Quran lessons for adults

Our 3 main courses to learn Quran online UK

    • Learn Quran Tajweed online
    • Learn how to read Quran online
    • Quran memorization online
    • The practical outcomes of Quran classes online for adults.

How Much You Learn in Our Courses

Parents today are aware of the importance of Islamic education for their children, especially if they are living in the West. To assist them in this regard we come up with various courses of online Quran classes for adults that can help parents fulfill their dream of inculcating the love of Islam in the hearts of their children.

Qiratul Quran as a Best Platform

We are mindful of the fact that adults would only choose any platform for the course of learn Quran online & Online Qaida Teaching UK, if they are attracted to the features offered by that platform.

Main features of our online Quran classes for adults in the UK.

There are some prominent features that make us stand out from the rest of the online schools. These features proved to be our success till now.

Highly qualified Quran tutors for adults

The Quran tutors we hired are the best ones available online. They are selected after several rigorous rounds of interviews and tests to make sure they got the potential to be hired for teaching online Quran classes for adults.

Extremely Talented & Qualified Tutors

 These tutors are extremely talented and experienced as they are fluent both in Arabic and English language. This ability make them noticeable, especially in the UK where students are looking for such teachers.

Qualified Teacher Always the Best Option for Quality Learning

Our professionals keep a regular check on the hired teachers through Tajweed, recitation, and memorization tests. The teachers who are appointed for Learn Quran Tajweed online course, keep revising their Hifz with Tajweed to keep their pronunciation up to the mark.

Qualified Quran Teacher in Qiratul Quran

In Qiratul Quran, Our native Quran teachers make Quran learning enjoyable and interesting as they have completed their degrees and diplomas in teaching as well. These Egyptian teachers definitely got an edge over other teachers because they graduated from the world’s famous University Al-Azhar.

Amazing teaching techniques to make learning Quran for adults easy

We are thoughtful of the reality that nowadays students have less focus span and the teachers have to devise new and innovative strategies to keep them intact, focused, and interested in the lesson. Our qualified tutors use amazing techniques for Quran for adults online course. Some of them are mentioned here:

Quran for adults online course

  • Activity-based learning techniques
  • Fun-oriented classes
  • Dialogue-based pair work
  • Repetition and revision
  • Audio/video aid
  • Speak out loud technique
  • Walk and recite technique
  • Readout to the buddy technique
  • Show and tell technique and many more.

Interactive Quran classes online for adults in the UK via the Zoom app

We do not appreciate the old ways of teaching. Instead, we staunchly believe in healthy interaction to Learn Quran online with our highly motivated and talented tutors via the zoom app, as it has proved to be the best app so far. 

Build Interest in our Students

Interaction with the students is essential because it keeps the teacher aware of their learning and understanding. Also, talking and getting along with the students builds up a good rapport between the learner and the teacher. This healthy relationship is what we promise to provide. 

Free trial for adults learning Quran online

What can be more pleasing than a free trial for adults learning Quran online? We know students do have a tendency of accepting or rejecting the one teaching them. So, we are here to offer a free trial class for them. 

Procedure For Attending Free Sessions

Once you attend the lesson with our expert teacher, you can decide whether or not you can carry on with that tutor. If yes, your Quran learning journey will be started right away. If not, we will recommend another qualified teacher with whom you can have a free class. This facility is enough for the true learner to kick start the journey and fulfill their dreams. 

Learn Quran online for adults UK in a budget-friendly fee structure

Offering numerous features for students is not an easy job but, we have to make sure to provide these features and facilities on an economical budget that is affordable for everyone.

Easy Methods of Learning

We are not here to make the Quran learning process tough or unachievable for our students. That is why you won’t regret enrolling with us as we have different packages based on time duration and specific days of the week.

One-on-one and group Online Quran class UK

This is our special feature for Best online Quran classes UKYou can either opt for a one-on-one or a group class. In one-on-one class, the teacher appointed for you will only teach you with full focus and attention. Whereas in a group class, you will be paired up with someone who has the same package as yours. 

Small Groups of Participants

We make sure to keep our groups small and of the same age groups to let the participants learn how to read Quran comfortably. Also, when beginners are learning Noorani Qaida, they need practice, revision, and motivation. So, we make sure to combine 3-4 beginners in a group to let them learn together.

Learn Quran for adults online on a flexible schedule

Another amazing feature offered for our students in the UK is a flexible time schedule. We are no strangers to the fact that students have to carry on their contemporary classes as well and it becomes difficult at times to manage both the contemporary and Quran classes.

Flexible & Accessible Quran schedule

So, we are here to meet your needs by offering your a flexible and all-time accessible Quran schedule. We hired tutors who are available at different times to facilitate the students.

Certificates for Quran lessons for adults

At the end of the desired course, each one of you will be awarded a completion certificate which you can use later on to be hired as a teacher. These certificates are signed by the administrators of our online school which assures your participation in the course was real.

Our 3 main courses to learn Quran online UK

To address the requirements of adults living in the UK, we shortlisted 3 of the main courses that are amazing to opt from.

Learn Quran Tajweed online

The adults who are serious to work on their Arabic pronunciation and articulation points to perfect their recitation with Tajweed, this is the course you are looking for.

Arab Tutors

Our well-trained and qualified native Arab Egyptian Quran teacher online is conducting this course of learning Tajweed online with full diligence and dedication to let Non-Arab students get perfect in their Tajweed and confidently recite the Quran the way their favorite Qaris recite.

Learn how to read Quran

Another one on the list is the Quran for beginners course where the new students assisted from the basics and then gradually moved to the intermediate level. In this course, the students taught through Qaida Al-Nooraniyah.

How to Start Basics of Tajweed

All the Arabic alphabets, words, and sentences are part of the outline of this course. The beginners are guided to attend this course to work on their base first. After this, they can go on the Tajweed and then the memorization course.

Quran memorization course.

Quran Memorization Course
Quran Memorization Course

Our Quran memorization online course is designed with different customized plans for students to choose from. These customized and personalized plans are for students who want to memorize either the whole Quran or any specific portion of the Quran for Quran Memorization Online UK.

Take Classes With Your Available Time

This Quran Hifz course is basically tailored according to your available focused time and days. It depends on you how and when you want to complete the course. All the techniques devised by our professionals will be followed in the course to let the adults achieve their Hifz goals in the set time span.

The practical outcomes of online Quran classes for adults.

Our skilled and qualified Egyptian Quran teachers online make sure to chalk out the practical outcomes of each course they are conducting. These outcomes discussed with the administration to make sure that the teachers are really working hard with the courses. These outcomes are given here to give you an idea of what we intend to inculcate in our adults while conducting these Quran courses.

Quran courses:

  • To make the students able to pronounce Arabic letters in the same way the teachers do.
  • To let the students have a strong grip on pronunciation through practice and repetition. 
  • To make the participants understand the rules of Tajweed before proper application.
  • To make them able to join letters to make words and then join words to make sentences in order to be proficient in the Arabic language.
  • To make them capable of memorizing Quran by following unique techniques that enhance memorization capacity and IQ level.
  • To make them revise and repeat their lesson regularly with dedication and determination.


You can only learn Quran online if you have the passion to take out some time from your busy routines and dedicate it to Quran learning. We are here to lend our helping hands to all those adults who are looking for professionally trained teachers to guide them through. So, connect with us today and let the journey of online Quran classes begin.


Qiratul Quran is An Online Quran Institute. we Offered to Learn Online Quran With Tajweed For Kids & Adults & Quran Memorization (Hifz e Quran) in UK & USA

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