Best Quran Education in Qiratul Quran (QQI)

Qiratul Quran (QQI) is one of the leading institutes for Quran education in the UK, USA & Egypt. It was established in 2016 with the aim of spreading the teachings of the Holy Quran and producing Huffaz who have memorized the entire Quran. QQI offers high-quality Quran education programs for children and adults. Here is an overview of the best aspects of Quran education at QQI:

Best Quran Education in Qiratul Quran (QQI)
Best Quran Education in Qiratul Quran (QQI)

Comprehensive Quran Teaching Methodology

QQI follows a comprehensive technique to teach the Quran to students which focuses on various aspects like Tajweed, Hifz, Tarteel, and understanding the meaning. Some of the key components of their teaching methodology include:

Tajweed Rules

Students are taught proper pronunciation and articulation of each word and letter as per Tajweed rules. Qualified Quran teachers pay attention to the smallest details to ensure students recite with proper Makhraj and Sifaat.

Daily Hifz and Revision

Memorizing the Quran requires consistent practice. At QQI, students have dedicated Hifz classes where they memorize new lessons and revise old lessons daily. Frequent muraja’a (revision) ensures maximum retention.

Tarteel (Proper Recitation Course)

QQI emphasizes reciting the Quran at a moderate pace with proper pronunciation of letters. Students are taught to recite neither too fast nor too slow so the words are clear.

Translation and Tafseer (Exegesis)

Understanding the meaning is crucial to truly benefit from the Quran. QQI provides word-by-word translation and Tafseer of the verses students are memorizing to help them grasp the message.

Advanced Quran Teaching Techniques

Along with traditional teaching methods, QQI also employs advanced techniques to make Quran learning more effective including:

Audio and Video Aids

Students are provided audio and video recordings of the teacher reciting the verses to help them revise and mimic pronunciation.

Online Sessions

Interactive online classes make Quran education easily accessible. Students can take live classes from teachers remotely.

Computerized Revision

Computers are used to aid in the revision and memorization Quran through specialized Quran programs. Students can self-revise at their own pace.

Diverse Range of Programs

QQI caters to students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels by offering diverse Quran learning programs including:

Full-Time Hifz Course

The flagship program is a 6-year full-time course for Hifz-e-Quran and earning the title of Hafiz/Hafiza.

Part-Time Courses for Kids and Adults

For students who cannot enroll full-time, there are customized part-time courses teaching Quran recitation and basic Hifz.

Tajweed Classes

Special Tajweed courses are available for those looking to perfect their recitation and pronunciation of the Holy Quran.

Online Classes

For students abroad or in remote areas, online Quran classes are offered via video conferencing.

Qualified and Experienced Instructors

The secret behind QQI’s successful curriculum is its team of highly-qualified teachers. The faculty comprises expert Quran instructors handpicked for their knowledge and instructional abilities. Key highlights include:

Quran Memorization Experts

All huffaz (teachers) at QQI have themselves memorized the entire Quran and regularly revised it.

Proper Credentialing

Instructors hold certifications in Quran teaching from reputable institutes and meet QQI’s high recruitment standards.

Tailored Teaching Approach

Teachers are trained to assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses and adapt their teaching style accordingly.

Individual Attention

With small teacher-student ratios, each child gets individual attention to address weak areas.


Quran Education in Qiratul Quran Institute offers a conducive, holistic environment for learning the greatest gift of knowledge – the Glorious Quran. The student-centric teaching methodology and experienced instructors provide students with the best possible Quran education.


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