Best Tajweed Course in the UK

Best Tajweed Course UK
Best Tajweed Course UK

The proper recitation of the Holy Quran as per the rules of Tajweed is extremely important in Islam. Tajweed refers to the set of rules that govern how the Quran should be vocalized when being recited. Following these rules helps preserve the beauty and essence of the Holy Scriptures. For those looking to learn, master, or improve their Quran recitation by Tajweed, taking a formal best Tajweed course UK is highly recommended. Here we look at some of the best Tajweed courses available in the UK that teach the intricate rules of reciting the Quran.

Quran Tajweed Course in the UK

For Muslims living in the UK, finding a proper institute that offers high-quality Tajweed education can be difficult. Most mosques and Islamic centers offer basic Tajweed classes but these often lack structure and continuity. This is where dedicated Quran education institutions like Qiratul Quran play an invaluable role. In the West Midlands, Qiratul Quran offers one of the most well-structured Quran Tajweed courses tailored specially for the UK Muslim community.

The course is designed by expert Quran tutors with years of experience and mastery of the nuances of Tajweed rules. Whether you are looking to learn Tajweed from scratch or want to refine your recitation skills further, the course content and teaching methodology are aimed to provide maximum results. Young kids, older children, and even adults can benefit greatly from the structured curriculum.

Tajweed Course for Kids & Adults Best Program

Often regular Tajweed classes at the local mosque cater only to adults. Qiratul Quran has specially designed the Tajweed program to make learning engaging for younger kids as well from age five and above. The tutors use effective techniques like recitation immersion, repetition, and positive reinforcement to achieve the best results.

For adults, special batches are conducted where complex concepts are explained clearly through lectures and demonstrations. Audio and video tools are also used extensively so students can identify their mistakes. Formal assessments are also conducted at regular intervals to track progress.

Whether a five-year-old kid or a fifty-year-old adult, the course structure and content are tailored to suit the needs and capability of the specific age group through specialized teaching methods.

Fully-structured Tajweed Course Online

One of the key highlights of the course offered at the Qiratul Quran Institute is the structured curriculum. Students start at a beginner’s level where the correct Makhraj (pronunciation) of every Arabic letter is taught in detail first. Once this is covered, rules related to the correct recitation of letters, when joined, are taught through plenty of examples and exercises.

From here, more complex concepts like the rules governing elongated letters, silent letters, nasal sounds, etc. are covered methodically. The course curriculum has been designed by veteran Arabic Quran teachers with decades of teaching experience.

The entire program covers five levels progressing from beginner to advanced. Each level builds on the concepts learned in the previous level in a structured manner. For those who cannot attend regular classes, there is also the option to enroll in online courses. Virtual classes are conducted via video conferencing where students from any location can benefit.

About Qiratul Quran Quran Tajweed Course

The Qiratul Quran Institute was founded by expert Shaykhs of Al-Azher who has memorized the entire Quran at a very early age. Along with a team of experienced teachers who are also huffaz and Islamic scholars, the vision was to create a specialized Quran education institute focused solely on Tajweed mastery.

The school has state-of-the-art infrastructure for conducting regular Tajweed classes via demonstrations and recitations. Separate classes are held for children and adults per their learning capacity and schedules. The teachers are fluent in both English and Urdu allowing students from various ethnic backgrounds to benefit. Collectively the founders and teachers have over 50 years of teaching experience between them.

The courses have benefited hundreds of students over the past decade ranging from absolute beginners to even Imams looking to improve their Tajweed skills further. Such a legacy of results speaks highly of the quality and efficacy of the course curriculum and teaching faculty.

Our 5 Levels of Tajweed Course

The entire course from beginner to advanced mastery is structured into five comprehensive levels:

Level 1 –

Makhaarij and basic rules.

Level 2 –

Heavy articulation rules.

Level 3 –

Light articulation rules.

Level 4 –

Application of rules

Level 5 –

Recitation perfection training.

In Level 1, students learn the basic building blocks first related to the correct pronunciation of each Arabic letter from their points of articulation. Emphasis is given to getting this right through constant repetition and exercises. Rules governing proper recitation of letters when joined are also covered here.

Level 2 focuses on more complex concepts like reciting letters correctly when they have attributes of heaviness associated with them. Rules governing Mushaddad, Shajaa’ee, Mutajaanisayn letters, and noon/meem with Ghunnah are taught.

Rules related to light letters that are recited more softly are covered in Level 3. Students master izhaar, ikhfa’, idghaam rules in detail here. Concepts like Iqlaab and ith-haar are also introduced.

Level 4 emphasizes the correct application of rules learned in live recitations. Identifying letters and knowing which rule to apply depending on the context requires practice which students get here.

The final level focuses purely on the perfection of recitation through repeated demonstrations and teacher feedback. This level polishes recitation allowing students to sound as close to native speakers.

Arab Tutors with Highly Experienced Faculty

A key factor that contributes to the success of the best Tajweed course UK at Qiratul Quran is the accomplished faculty. The lead tutors and teachers are Arabs who have studied the intricacies of Tajweed during their Quranic education starting from a young age.

Being native speakers, they master rules like no other and their demonstration of complex rules leaves no room for doubt or confusion in the minds of students. The teachers are also experienced with years spent teaching young kids, older students and even practicing Imams. Their mentorship allows students to clarify concepts easily. All doubts and queries can be addressed promptly due to the extensive knowledge faculty members have gained over their careers.

Easy Methods for Our Online Tajweed Course

For those who live far away or cannot manage to attend classes physically, the Qiratul Quran provides effective online courses as well. Virtual classes are conducted via video conferencing tools. Arab teachers provide demonstrations that deliver results comparable to physical training sessions.

Students get personalized coaching where they can highlight letters, words, or entire sections they are facing difficulty with during recitations. The teacher identifies problems that need attention and provides instant feedback on where the mistakes arise from. Remedies in the form of specific drills or general guidelines are suggested.

Such interactive online classes have benefited many with busy schedules allowing them to improve their Tajweed skills. Written notes covering all concepts are also provided where students can self-learn in their own time at a comfortable pace.

How Students in Qiratul Quran Take Tajweed Classes

The experience of learning the Best Tajweed course UK from expert Arab tutors in a progressive manner has transformed many students of the Qiratul Quran Institute. Each class starts with students reciting verses while the teacher actively listens pinpointing areas of improvement. Personalized feedback is then given through vocal demonstrations of how certain types of letters need to be pronounced or joined.

Visual aids are also used like displaying the exact Makhraj clearly so students can self-correct their mistakes. Repeating verses after the instructor in segments allows concepts to sink in better with clear understanding. Things like speed of recitation and rhythm are also emphasized for an enhanced learning experience.

Such a multi-pronged teaching methodology combining listening, observing, and repeating with expert guidance makes even complex rules easy to grasp. Students are also encouraged to come forward and demonstrate individually to the teacher what they have learned. This boosts confidence and helps students overcome hesitation or anxiety when reciting aloud in front of others.

Benefits of Our Tajweed Course for Both Kids & Adults

Undertaking a structured Best Tajweed course UK at an institute of repute like Qiratul Quran comes with many lasting benefits:

  1. You are taught directly by accomplished Arab Huffaz well-versed in Tajweed nuances. Learning from native experts ensures no dilution or confusion of concepts that often happens when translations are involved.
  2. Kids can inculcate excellent pronunciation and recitation habits from a young age allowing them to sound like native speakers when they grow up. With adult beginners also, adapting the correct rhythm and tone is easier through expert coaching.
  3. The course sets up even advanced students learning more intricate rules through progression levels and consistent assessments. You get certification acknowledging your skills.
  4. Both online and offline options allow those struggling with time constraints or location issues to still benefit from quality instruction.
  5. You feel more connected spiritually when you can recite the Holy Scriptures confidently with the proper application of Tajweed rules. This brings you immense satisfaction and peace.


Seeking Tajweed training from learned Islamic scholars and teachers is the path to accurate and beautiful Quran recitations. At Qiratul Quran, students gain mastery through a structured curriculum and expert guidance from accomplished Arab Huffaz themselves. Such a legacy institution for Quran education deserves serious consideration from any Muslim staying in the UK.

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