How to Learn Qirat of Quran

How to Learn Qirat of Quran
How to Learn Qirat of Quran

Learn the Qirat Quran In the Proper way

How to Learn Qirat of Quran: Learning to recite the Quran with proper rules of recitation, known as Qirat, is an honorable goal for many Muslims. The melodious sound of skilled Qurra’ (reciters of the Quran) resonates in the ears and hearts of listeners, connecting them to the words of Allah. While learning Qirat requires dedication and practice, a few key steps can set you on the path to success. Understand the Origin and Purpose of Qirat:

What is Qirat?

Qirat refers to the rules governing proper pronunciation and recitation during the reading of the Holy Quran. These rules determine how letters and words should be vocalized when reciting the divine text. The Arabic term “Qirat” literally means “recitation”.

Why are Rules of Recitation Important?

The revelation of the Quran spanned over two decades, with verses and chapters revealed in different contexts and periods. The rules of Qirat were formalized to standardize Quranic reading across the Muslim community, preserving the authentic way it was received and recited during the Prophet Muhammad‘s S.A.W life. They ensure every generation of Muslims reads the Holy Quran accurately. Lay the Foundation with Essential Resources:

Find a Qualified Teacher

Seeking out an experienced Egyptian Qari to learn from in person allows you to directly model the application of Qirat rules. A teacher can assess your progress, provide feedback, and answer questions. Look for a teacher formally trained in qirat if possible. While self-learning Qirat is possible today, nothing can replace the benefits of face-to-face instruction.

Obtain Qirat Reference Materials

Supplementary resources detailing the intricate rules of Qirat are essential when undertaking this study. Time-tested references like Imam An-Nashr’s Tayyibatun Nashr fin Qiraat al-‘Ashr provide comprehensive coverage. Modern multimedia resources can further aid understanding. Build Familiarity with the Rules:

Start with Essential Tajweed

As qirat builds upon the rules of intensive tajweed (proper Quranic pronunciation), beginning with tajweed is recommended. Master foundational rules like mouthing letters from their proper Makharij (articulation points) and applying the rules of nun Sakinah before approaching the higher disciplines of Qirat.

Learn the Qaloon Reading

The canonical method of reciting the Quran is attributed to the reciter Imam Nafi’ al-Madani through his student Qaloon. Starting with the prevalent Qaloon reading allows you to apply learnings when reading alongside others and during salah. Once familiarized with the Qaloon method, you can explore less common Qirat.

Understand the Differences between Qirat

While multiple authenticated readings of the Quran were revealed to the Prophet and transmitted through generations, some variation exists in the application of Qirat rules between them. Appreciating where these readings differ in letters like vowels permits distinguishing recitations. Apply and Refine through Consistent Practice:

Imitate a Proficient Reciter

After building familiarity with Qirat theory, application, and refinement requires extensive practice. Imitating an expert reciter through close listening and repetition imprints proper technique. Prioritize quality over quantity during initial practice.

Enroll in an Online Qirat Program

Structured remote learning programs led by qualified instructors are now accessible worldwide. These interactive courses methodically build skills through lesson modules and the submission of recorded assignments for review. Enrolling supplements self-practice with expert guidance.

Attend Intensive Workshops

Participating in short-term intensive recitation workshops is tremendously beneficial for development. Workshops feature an immersive environment with focused instruction and feedback to correct poor habits. Practicing for sustained periods between workshop modules boosts the retention of concepts.

The journey of mastering Qirat requires patience and rigor but also yields great spiritual rewards. Applying the fundamentals outlined above will help equip you to attain this noble skill, allowing you to unlock deeper meaning from Allah’s words and follow the traditions of our pious predecessors. The melodious voice of those learned in Qirat provides tranquility and remembrance for our communities. With dedication and the grace of Allah, may we too join their ranks.


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