Learn Arabic Grammar Course Online

Arabic Grammar Course Online
Arabic Grammar Course Online

Arabic Grammar Course

Learning Arabic grammar can seem intimidating at first, but with the right online course, you can master the fundamentals from the comfort of your own home. In this article, Qiratul Quran will explore some of the best programs, courses, and resources to help you understand Arabic grammar and start applying it in your everyday conversations.

Arabic Grammar Program

Learning a new language requires dedication and consistent practice. An Arabic grammar program provides structured lessons that build on each other to improve your skills progressively. A quality program should incorporate:

Fully-Structured Curriculum for Arabic Grammar Online

Look for a program that methodically takes you through grammar principles in a logical sequence, from basic concepts to more complex constructions. Each lesson should build on the last.

Engaging Multimedia Resources to Learn Arabic Grammar

The best Arabic grammar programs use a variety of multimedia to cater to different learning styles. Watch video demonstrations, audio lessons, colorful images, and interactive activities to reinforce key concepts.

Customizable Pacing for Easy Arabic Grammar Learning

Everyone learns at a different pace. Seek out programs with flexible self-paced options so you can take the time you need to properly absorb the material without falling behind.

Relevant Dialogues for Arabic Grammar Principles

Applying grammar principles to real-world conversations is key. Opt for programs that integrate useful everyday dialogues and examples into the curriculum. This makes the lessons more practical.

Fully-Structured Arabic Grammar Course Online

Online platforms provide a convenient way to learn Arabic grammar from anywhere. When evaluating online courses, ensure the program contains:

Step-by-Step Progression

A quality online Arabic grammar course will have a structured curriculum that progressively builds upon itself over a sequence of lessons. Each lesson should move you to the next level.

Interactive Learning Tools

Take advantage of the digital space by looking for courses that leverage interactive learning tools to engage you. These may include online tutors, games, quizzes, forums, and more.

Flexible Access

Look for courses that allow you to access materials on your schedule. The best online grammar courses have 24/7 access so you can study anywhere, anytime at your own pace.

Ongoing Assessments

Testing comprehension is a pillar of effective language learning. Opt for courses that regularly assess your understanding as you progress through the lessons. This allows you to pinpoint weak areas.

About Qiratul Quran Arabic Grammar Course

An excellent example of a structured online Arabic grammar course is the Qiratul Quran. This time-tested program contains engaging, sequentially organized lessons coupled with interactive tools to reinforce retention. Here’s an overview:

30+ Years Refining Curriculum

Developed over three decades by Arabic linguistics experts, the curriculum has been perfected to guide students as concepts become increasingly complex skillfully.

Native Arab Instructors

Learn from accomplished instructors with mother-tongue fluency. Their depth of understanding ensures proper delivery of grammatical concepts.

Integrated Dialogues & Examples

Principles are fleshed out through practical dialogues and sentences applying the grammar, helping enrich comprehension.

Quizzes & Online Student Portal

Regular quizzes test knowledge. An online dashboard tracks progress, stores study materials and resources, and facilitates engaging with peers.

Our Levels of Arabic Grammar Program

When embarking on your grammar journey, it helps to have clear objectives. Our Arabic grammar program has well-defined skill levels:

Level 1: Beginner

Designed for absolute beginners, lessons start by introducing the Arabic alphabet, basic pronunciation, nouns, adjectives, and verbs in the present tense.

Level 2: Early Intermediate

Builds on the fundamentals by diving deeper into verb conjugations, feminines and masculines, plurals, possession, and formations of questions.

Level 3: Intermediate

Advances in grammar understanding to incorporate past tense verbs, broken plurals, object pronouns, conditional statements, and the masdar form.

Level 4: Early Advanced

Expands more complex principles like passive voice, comparative and superlative adjectives, verbs with double objects, and verb derivation forms.

Arab Native Tutors with Highly Experienced Faculty

Learning from native Arab instructors allows you to completely immerse yourself linguistically and culturally. Our accomplished faculty creates an academic yet friendly environment.

Patient & Encouraging

Instructors motivate students and thoughtfully clarify concepts until they sink in. You’ll never feel shy about asking questions.

Engaging Teaching Methods

Lessons incorporate interactive elements like games, visuals, body gestures, and entertaining activities making learning enjoyable.

Responsive to Questions

Instructors address student questions with care and understanding. You’ll receive the personal attention needed to succeed.

Easy Methods of Our Arabic Grammar Course

Our time-tested curriculum artfully conveys complex principles through easily digestible lessons:

Break Down Intricate Concepts

Challenging grammar concepts are segmented into basic building blocks before scaffolding step-by-step.

Relatable Examples

Principles come alive through practical sentences and dialogues that relate grammar to every day Arabic conversations.

Focus on Patterns

Coming across new vocabulary can seem intimidating. Lessons equip you to recognize standard patterns to decode and retain words.

Prioritize Practice

Dedicated drills, activities, assignments, and quizzes allow you to consistently apply principles. This regular practice facilitates mastery.

How Students in Qiratul Quran Take Arabic Grammar Classes

We make Arabic grammar accessible by offering flexible program formats to meet diverse learning needs:

Self-Paced Online Option

For independent learners, our online platform allows you to progress through video lessons and materials on your own schedule.

Live Online Classes

For real-time interaction, virtual live classes enable engaging directly with talented instructors and fellow students online.

In-person at Local Campuses

In 20+ locations, in-person classes provide face-to-face instruction and immersive practice while conversing with classmates.

Blended Approach

Combine the benefits of self-paced, live online, and in-person learning by blending program formats to customize towards your needs.

Benefits of Our Arabic Grammar Course

By leveraging a proven curriculum and experienced faculty, our Arabic grammar program provides lasting advantages:

Build a Solid Foundation

Methodically structured curriculum cements understanding of grammar fundamentals requisite for achieving fluency.

Long-Term Retention

Multimedia immersion through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic components engrain principles deeply to boost retention.

Confidently Converse

Internalize grammar to effortlessly apply rules when speaking. This transfers classroom knowledge into conversational discourse.

Lifelong Language Skills

Our comprehensive approach arms you with the tools to continue growing your vocabulary and fine-tuning fluency beyond the program.


As one of the most systematic and practical curriculums facilitated by devoted native Arab instructors, Qiratul Quran’s Arabic grammar program unlocks the language by elucidating complex principles into easily understandable concepts. A well-rounded education prepares you to eloquently apply your expanding grammar mastery when reading, writing, or speaking Arabic. Enroll today to embark on your grammar journey!

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