Tajweed Course Online – Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Tajweed Course Online - Learn Quran Online with Tajweed
Tajweed Course Online – Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Tajweed Course Online refers to the complete pronunciation and articulation of the Arabic alphabet when reciting the Quran. Learning tajweed is essential for Muslims reading the Quran to pronounce the revelation accurately and implement the recitation rules. In the Qiratul Quran, online tajweed courses provide a convenient way to learn the science of Quranic recitation from the comfort of your own home.

Overview of Tajweed Course and Its Importance

Tajweed classes online involve applying rules governing how letters and words should be vocalized when reciting Quranic verses. Some key elements of tajweed include:

Makharij – Points of Articulation

This covers the complete pronunciation and origination of each Arabic letter from its precise point of articulation. This enables accuracy in Quranic recitation.

Sifaat – Characteristics

Attributes that define the manner and duration when pronouncing alphabet letters. For instance, characteristics determine if a letter should be read with a ghunnah (nasal tone) or if it is muted.

Rules of Noon Sakinah, Madd, Haa Sakinah, etc

Specialized rules for reciting letters like Noon Sakinah, prolonging vowel sounds (madd letters), and correctly articulating letters like Haa Sakinah when stopping on them while reciting.

Learning the Quran with Tajweed prevents distortion of Quranic words and ensures excellence in oral recitation. online tajweed classes make learning convenient.

Benefits of Online Tajweed Courses

Studying tajweed through online Noorani Qaida courses confers major advantages:

Learn Noorani Qaida with Tajweed at Your Own Time Frame

Recorded video lessons allow learning per your schedule and speed of comprehension. You can replay lessons if needed too.

Specialized Curriculum

Expert Quran teachers design tailored courses bringing professional structures that suit both beginners and advanced students.

Interactive Learning

Online students can ask questions via message boards and get instructor feedback in real time. Some courses even facilitate one-on-one sessions.


No travel and flexible pricing structures, often discounted rates make quality online tajweed education affordable.


Learners can access study materials on all devices from anywhere at any time at their convenience.

Key Components of Online Tajweed Learning Programs

Qiratul Quran online tajweed platform is structured systematically:

Thorough Study of Makhaarij

In-depth guidance teaches accurate points of letters’ origin with specialized audio and visual methods.

Madd Training

Different lengths of vowel extensions are explained through instructor demonstrations. Students then practice.

Comprehensive Sifaat Instruction

All characteristics governing how to properly pronounce letters are covered through exemplary recitations.

Tajweed Rules

Principles like that of Laam of Allah, noon Sakinah, mim Sakinah, etc. are given dedicated focus to avoid common mistakes.

Qaida Memorization

Learning the Quranic Arabic alphabet and essential recitation basics through Qaida forms a core foundation.

Recitation Sessions

Students get opportunities to apply rules and receive feedback via instructor-monitored recitation practice.

Exam-Pattern Quizzes

Regular assessments ensure progress by testing through automated quizzes mimicking exam structures.

FAQ & Discussion Forums

Convenient access to most frequently asked questions and community boards to get queries addressed quickly.

How Online Tajweed Courses Work

High-quality tajweed programs offered online in Qiratul Quran essentially facilitate:

Self-Paced Learning

Pre-recorded videos let you start learning at your own pace. Smart lecture sequencing structures fundamentals to advanced concepts.

Engaging Visual Formats

Vibrant on-screen graphics demonstrating Makharij positions, expert recitations, etc. enhance understanding.

Personalized CurriculumPaths

After initial assessments, customized learning paths based on proficiency levels provide targeted instruction.

Built-in Audio Tools

Readily available recitation audio tools let you mimic and compare your recitation against reference samples.

Regular Assessments

Bite-sized quizzes confirm lesson comprehension before unlocking the next chapters. Tests identify areas needing more practice too.

Direct Instructor Access

Top-tier courses have one-on-one video sessions with experienced teachers on fixing errors or questions.

Anywhere, Any-Device Accessibility

Download class videos and materials to view lectures offline or on tablets/phones when traveling too!

When undertaken through structured platforms as above, online tajweed learning can deliver nuanced and comprehensive Islamic education comparable to in-person instruction.

Choosing the Ideal Online Tajweed Course

With our online tajweed classes sprouting, finding the right course depends on the following:

Accredited Teachers for Tajweed Course Online

Opt for courses taught by reputed instructors certified in Quranic recitation sciences. This ensures authentic learning.

Proven Methodologies

Seek providers with experience in delivering verified results across thousands of students worldwide. Their course structures work.

Customizable Learning Modes

Quality courses design flexible learning paths – self-paced, live classes, concentrated content, etc. – that suit varying needs.

Interactive Tools

Utilizing the latest EdTech tools like AI for detecting recitation errors, smart audio-visuals, etc. eases online learning.

Reasonable Pricing

Legitimate courses won’t overcharge. Opt for discounted bundles tailored to different proficiency levels for affordability.

Verifiable Student Outcomes

Trusted providers showcase reviews, testimonials, and results from past learners establishing credibility.

Best Tajweed tutor of Qiratul Quran

A valued member of the Qiratul Quran instructor team is Shaykh Habib, an Arab tajweed specialist noted as one of the best tutors on staff when it comes to precise recitation mechanics. Students praise Shaykh Habib for his meticulous, back-to-basics training approach in reinforcing the foundational makharij and sifaat. 

His mastery of conveying Arabic articulation properly to non-native speakers stems from years of experience coupled with customized methods to overcome common errors. Like 200+ Tajweed Students Satisfied with Shaykh Habib to Learn Quran Online and give us review that Shaykh Habib is the Topest Shaykh of Maqamt Quran with Tajweed in Qiratul Quran. To know about the Quality of tajweed course see below our 5 levels of Tajweed classes online.

Our 5 Levels of Tajweed Classes Online

Level 1 – Arabic Alphabets Foundation

This introductory level focuses on:

  • Learning theShapes and names of all 28 Arabic letters.
  • Memorizing alphabetical order.
  • Understanding characteristics of each letter.
  • Basic pronunciation and articulation practice.

The goal is attaining familiarity with the building blocks of Arabic to move towards Quranic recitation.

Level 2 – Makhaarij Mastery

This level dives deeper into the points of articulation (makhaarij) for precise letter pronunciation including:

  • Places of letter origin in mouth.
  • Attributes of makharij.
  • Expert demonstrations.
  • Repeated individual letter vocalization.

Makharij mastery ensures accuracy in distinguishing Arabic sounds to enable quality recitation.

Level 3 – Sifaat Specialization

Here the focus shifts to honing letter attributes. Students learn in-depth concepts like:

  • Nature and features of sifaat.
  • Ghunnah, tafkheem, isti’laa letters.
  • Application on combinations like shadda, sukoon.
  • Continuous vocal exercise.

Targeted sifaat practice gives control over sound duration and other pronunciation criteria.

Level 4 – Tajweed Rules

Myriad principles like:

  • Madd, waqf, qalqalah.
  • Saakin letters (noon, meem).
  • Laam rules (lam jalalah).
  • Warsh/Hafs differences.

This framework cements proper recitation rules.

Level 5 – Fluent Recitation

Finally at an advanced stage, the focus is towards:

  • Correcting errors.
  • Building recitation stamina.
  • Beautifying tunes (tarteel).
  • Full surah recitations.

Delivering solid performances by this last stage is the ultimate objective that dedicated online tajweed students work towards through sequential mastery from fundamental to nuanced Quranic vocalization techniques.


In Qiratul Quran Learning proper tajweed or the rules of beautiful Quranic recitation is crucial for accurately pronouncing the revelation as intended. Studying tajweed classes online via structured video lessons and specialized programs led by qualified instructors provides an accessible means towards developing expertise in this integral Islamic science.

Top-quality online tajweed courses focus extensively on makharij letter articulation points, sifaat letter attributes mastery, correct application of vocal rules, and ample student recitation – together culminating in refined and melodious Quran oral skills over dedicated progression in a flexible, self-paced format. Undertaking such courses conveniently from home facilitates reaching recitation excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can learn Tajweed online. In Qiratul Quran Many comprehensive online Tajweed courses provide lessons on the rules of proper Quranic recitation with expert teachers guiding students remotely.

The basic Tajweed course focuses on learning the Makharij (articulation points), Sifaat (attributes), and basic rules like stopping on Saakin letters. It establishes foundations before progressing to more advanced concepts.

You can get a Tajweed certificate by enrolling in a certified Tajweed course, consistently practicing under an instructor’s supervision, and then passing the teacher-administered exam at the end. Qiratul Quran online Quran institute issues certificates digitally.

Memorizing the Quran without learning Tajweed is highly discouraged. Tajweed teaches the proper pronunciation and application of rules that prevent distorting Quranic words when reciting. Applied Tajweed is crucial for accurate memorization.

The time taken to learn Tajweed can vary from person to person. However, with good practice, most adult students can grip concepts over 2-3 months. Achieving fluency and mastery can take 6 months to a year on average.

The rules of Tajweed are rooted in the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Over centuries, scholars collated proper recitation into a formal science with Imam Al-Kisaai considered its pioneer followed by further structured documentation by early experts.


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