How To Become A Beautiful Reciter (Qari) Of The Quran

The Quran is the sacred text of Islam and reciting it beautifully is considered an act of worship. Being a skilled Qari who can captivate listeners with their recitation takes dedication and practice. Qiratul Quran will guide you a guide on how to become a beautiful reciter of the Quran:

How To Become A Beautiful Reciter (Qari)
How To Become A Beautiful Reciter (Qari)

Learn Proper Arabic Pronunciation and Tajweed

The first step is to learn proper Arabic pronunciation and tajweed (rules of recitation). Find a qualified teacher who can guide you in the makharij (pronunciation of letters from their articulation points) and the rules of tajweed which include things like:

  • How to properly pronounce each letter from its articulation point
  • Applying rules of assimilation between letters
  • Knowing where to stop and which letters to pronounce with a sukoon
  • Mastering the rules of elongating certain letters
  • Beautifying the recitation with techniques like qalqalah

Learning tajweed is crucial because reciting the Quran with mistakes in pronunciation or tajweed is considered a sin. Invest time in learning the fundamentals before moving on.

Listen and Memorize Recitations of Famous Qaris

Listen extensively to recordings of famous expert Qaris like Sheikh Abdul Basit, Sheikh Sudais, Sheikh Mishary, and many more. Observe how they beautify the recitation by applying various techniques. Try to memorize their recitation for short surahs to get an authentic feel of their style. This will build your foundational knowledge.

Start Applying What You Learn

After learning the basics, start applying them. Begin by reciting short surahs while applying the Tajweed rules accurately. Record yourself and compare your recitation to recordings of expert Qaris to identify areas of improvement. With regular practice, you will gain mastery over tajweed and pronunciation.

Work on Melodic Style and Beautification

Once comfortable with tajweed, start developing a melodic style of recitation. Identify techniques like qalqalah, ghunnah, sakt, etc. that you want to apply to beautify your recitation. Start applying them one by one. For example, focus on applying qalqalah for a week before moving on to another technique. This will help perfect each skill.

Build Stamina for Long Recitations

The hallmark of a great Qari is the ability to maintain beauty and consistency during long recitations. Build up your stamina gradually. Start by reciting one page from the Quran daily. Slowly increase this to multiple pages until you can confidently recite long portions without fatigue or errors. This takes regular practice.

Understand the Meaning to Convey It

Reciting with feeling and conveying the meaning requires understanding what you are reciting. Dedicate time to studying the exegesis (tafsir) of the verses so you comprehend the full meanings. This will help you adopt the right tone and pauses to truly move listeners.

Develop a Clear and Soothing Voice

Having a clear, beautiful voice is important for an effective recitation. Do vocal exercises and practice techniques like madd (prolonging certain letters) to develop resonance. Listen to your recordings and identify any areas that need improvement in your voice. With training, you can develop a soothing voice.

Split Long Verses Correctly for Breathing

When reciting long verses in one breath is difficult, employing proper breath control is important. Learn the proper places to stop and take quick breaths according to Tajweed rules. With practice, your breath control will improve.

Balance Speed and Beauty

Strive for an ideal pace in your recitation – not too fast that it compromises beauty and not too slow that it bores listeners. Find a pace you are comfortable maintaining then work on beautifying it. This balanced pace will make your recitation engaging.

Follow the Etiquette of Reciting the Quran

Observe the etiquette related to reciting the Quran like being in a state of wudhu (ablution), facing the qibla, wearing clean clothes, etc. Also, adopt humbleness and avoid showing off. These virtues will add spiritual beauty to your recitation.

With dedication and practice using the steps above, you can become a Qari who perfectly blends proper tajweed with beauty and conveys the essence of the Quran’s message to listeners. Strive for excellence and aim to touch people’s hearts through your recitation.

User Questions Regarding How To Become A Qari

1- How to become a Qari online?

With the availability of online classes, becoming a Qari through online methods has become easier for many people. Here are some tips:

Find a Qualified Online Quran Teacher

Do research to find a teacher well-versed in tajweed and the principles of beautiful Quranic recitation. Many reputable institutes now offer online Quran courses with certified teachers.

2- How to become a Qari at home?

For those who want to learn the art of beautiful Quranic recitation from home, here are some methods:

Get Quran Learning Books and Audio CDs

Invest in books on tajweed rules and audio CDs that demonstrate proper pronunciation and recitation techniques. Listen attentively and follow along.

Find a Family Member Who Can Teach

If you have family members like parents, grandparents, uncles, or aunts who are skilled at Quran recitation, request them to teach you. This direct guidance can be very valuable.

Join Online Tajweed and Recitation Courses

Enroll in an online course taught by qualified instructors. The interactive format with live feedback will help you improve your recitation.

Record and Critique Your Own Recitations

Audio record your recitation sessions. Critically evaluate your recitations and identify errors and areas for improvement. Strive to implement corrections.

Host Study Circles with Friends

Practice together with friends who also want to become Qaris. Give feedback on each other’s recitations. This mutual learning will accelerate progress.

With regular practice sessions at home using these tips, you can become proficient in Quranic recitation techniques.

3- How does one become a Qari?

Here is a brief overview of the journey to becoming a skilled Qari:

  • Learn foundational tajweed rules from a qualified teacher
  • Master makharij or proper Arabic pronunciation of each letter
  • Memorize recitation of short surahs by listening to recordings of expert Qaris
  • Start applying tajweed rules and techniques like qalqalah in your own recitation
  • Gradually increase to reciting longer portions while maintaining consistency
  • Learn the meanings of verses to convey them with sincerity and feeling
  • Develop your own unique style beautifying the recitation
  • Build stamina and breath control to recite long sections seamlessly
  • Observe etiquette like wearing clean clothes and being in a state of wudhu
  • Regularly practice and critique your recitation to continue improving

The path requires dedicating extensive time to learning, memorizing, and practicing under the guidance of teachers. With sincere effort and passion, one can become a skilled Qari.

4- What is the difference between hafiz and Qari?

The key differences between a hafiz and a Qari are:


  • Refers to someone who has memorized the entire Quran word-for-word
  • The focus is on memorization and accurate pronunciation
  • May not have extensive knowledge of Tajweed rules


  • Refers to someone who is skilled in reciting the Quran melodiously
  • Has strong foundations in tajweed and pronunciation
  • Trained in applying techniques like qalqalah to beautify recitation
  • Can invoke deep emotions with their recitation style
  • Memorization of the entire Quran is not compulsory

While a hafiz is focused on memorization, a Qari is focused on mastering recitation techniques and reciting with beauty and melody. An ideal goal is to become both a hafiz and an excellent Qari.

5- Who is the best & Famous Qari in the world?

There are many extremely talented Qaris in the Muslim world who have become famous for their unique and beautiful recitation styles. Some of the most renowned include:

  • Sheikh Abdul Basit (Egypt)
  • Sheikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy (Kuwait)
  • Sheikh Mohammed Siddiq Al-Minshawi (Egypt)
  • Sheikh Saud Al-Shuraim (Saudi Arabia)
  • Sheikh Mustafa Ismail (Egypt)
  • Sheikh Abdullah Awad Al Juhany (Saudi Arabia)
  • Sheikh Maher Al Muaiqly (Saudi Arabia)
  • Sheikh Muhammad Al Luhaidan (Saudi Arabia)

It is difficult to select the very best among these masters who have dedicated their lives to the art of Quranic recitation. Their recordings continue to inspire millions around the world.

Summary of How to Become a Beautiful Quran Qari

Learn proper tajweed and pronunciation from a qualified teacher. Memorize recitations of expert Qaris. Start applying techniques like Qalqalah to beautify your recitation. Develop your unique melodic style through regular practice. Build breath control and stamina for long recitations. Understand meanings to recite with feeling. Continuously improve by critiquing your recitation. Observe etiquette when reciting. Balance speed and beauty. With dedication and passion, you can become an excellent Qari.

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