How to Learn Maqamat Quran Online

How to Learn Maqamat Quran Online?
How to Learn Maqamat Quran Online?

How to Learn Maqamat Quran Online: The Maqamat course refers to the methods of recitation of the Quran according to the science of Tajweed. Learning and applying Maqamat when reciting the Quran is crucial to pronouncing the words and letters correctly and to recite melodiously. In the era of the internet and technology, there are various effective ways to learn Maqamat Quran online at Qiratul Quran Institute.

Getting Started with Online Maqamat Quran Lessons

The first step is to understand why learning Maqamat Quran properly is important in Islamic practice and Quran recitation. Some key reasons include:

Adhering to Rules Set by Allah and His Prophet

  • Applying Maqamat is obligatory as per verses of the Quran and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • This leads to accuracy in reciting the Quran as intended originally.
  • Rewarding act of worship as the reciter follows rules diligently.

Beautifying Quran Recitation

  • Maqamat introduces melody and rhythm into recitation.
  • Makes listening and concentrating on the recitation more pleasurable.
  • Provides tranquility and peace of mind while reciting and listening.

Building Expertise in Tajweed

  • Tajweed has several rules for accurate pronunciation and articulation.
  • Applying Maqamat develops and exhibits command over Tajweed.
  • Being an expert Tajweed reciter of the Quran is admirable.

Choosing an Online Quran Teacher

An essential early step is choosing a qualified online Quran teacher to learn Maqamat from.

Religious Education and Background

  • Prefer a teacher who has graduated from a reputed Islamic institute.
  • Ensure they have an Ijazah certificate showing expertise in Quranic studies.

Mastery Over Maqamat and Tajweed

  • Teachers should have extensive training in applying Maqamat while reciting.
  • They should be able to explain the relevant Tajweed rules correctly.

Teaching Style and Personality

  • Prefer a teacher who supports your pace and learning style.
  • Their teaching methodology should focus on student understanding.
  • They should be friendly, approachable, patient, and motivating.

Options for Online Platforms to Take Classes

There are good options among platforms offering virtual classes for learning Maqamat Quran:

Direct Video Call Platforms

Platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams allow direct video call classes:

  • Good for interactive sessions with screen sharing.
  • Body language and facial expressions are visible for better understanding.
  • Can be distracting if internet connectivity wavers.

Key Concepts to Learn in Maqamat Quran Classes

Some vital concepts and areas that online lessons would normally cover for learning Maqamat properly include:

Understanding Maqam

  • Definition of Maqam and its implications for melodious Quran recitation.
  • Examples of different types of Maqamat used commonly.
  • How Maqamat creates distinctive melodies based on Arabic alphabets.

Learning Individual Maqamat Rules

  • Characteristics of each Maqam in terms of scale and notes.
  • Unique vocalization style and pattern.
  • Methods for transition between one Maqam to another.

Applying Maqamat in Recitation

  • The process to identify Maqamat to apply to specific Quran verses.
  • How rhythmic patterns should change accordingly.
  • Practicing with constant feedback from the teacher.

Command over Relevant Tajweed Rules

  • Nuances of Noon Sakinah, Meem Sakinah, Lam Sakinah etc.
  • Joined letters, letters with Sukoon, letters with double fathah, etc.
  • Impact of not following rules on breaking melodious flow.

Maximizing Effectiveness of Online Maqamat Classes to Learn Quran Online

Students who want to learn Maqamat Quran online optimally should focus on:

Being Well Prepared Before Each Class

  • Completing prescribed portions or assignments for that lesson.
  • Noting down doubts or queries to clarify from the teacher.

Maintaining Good Notes

  • Writing main points teacher emphasizes clearly.
  • Revising notes after class to retain information.

Recording Quran Recitations

  • Recording your recitation during class.
  • Identifying mistakes and areas of improvement.

Practicing Consistently

  • Spending time daily to practice what is learned.
  • Making use of apps that allow recording and replaying recitation to self-evaluate.

Conclusion: Commitment Is Key

Learning Maqamat Quran online has multiple options available today, making it convenient to gain expertise. The key to optimizing this opportunity is the commitment and diligence of the student in applying the concepts taught. With the right teacher and personal efforts, even beginners can learn to recite melodiously by applying Maqamat.


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