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The London Institute of Quran
The London Institute of Quran

Quran Studies Course

The London Institute of Quran offers an in-depth Quran studies course that covers various aspects of the holy book. At Qiratul Quran London Institute Students learn about the history of the Quran’s revelation, its compilation after the Prophet’s death, the differences between the Qiraat (modes of recitation), and more.

Lectures focus on the Quran’s themes, stories, structure, language, and exegesis. Students also study the Asbaab al-Nuzul (context of revelation) of different verses. The course materials include books by famous scholars like Ibn Kathir, al-Tabari, and Sayyid Qutb. By the end, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the Quran’s contents and messages.

Quran and Science Course

This course explores the relationship between the Quran and scientific knowledge. It overviews scientific miracles mentioned in the Quran that modern science has only recently confirmed. Topics covered include:

  • Embryology – the Quran’s descriptions of fetal development
  • Astronomy – references to the expanding universe and celestial bodies
  • Geology – verses discussing the movements of mountains
  • Biology – discussions of living organisms and their lifecycles

Students analyze relevant verses and Hadiths in light of modern scientific discoveries. The course also covers Islamic perspectives on science and religion’s harmony. Students learn about renowned Muslim scientists like Ibn Sina who were inspired by the Quran’s scientific themes.

Quran and Sunnah Course

This course helps students understand the close link between the Quran and Sunnah in Islamic teachings. It explains how the Prophet’s Hadiths and examples elaborated on Quranic verses and their applications.

Topics include:

  • Verses revealed concerning prayers and their implementation by the Prophet
  • Quranic commercial ethics and the Prophet’s business transactions
  • Marital relations and the Prophet’s treatment of wives
  • Quranic themes of justice and the Prophet’s governance

By studying Quran and Sunnah together, students gain a nuanced look into Islamic theology and law. They appreciate how the textual and practical are unified in Islam.

Quran Memorization Course

Memorizing the entire Quran (Hifz) is highly encouraged for Muslims. The institute’s Quran memorization course structures this process over 1-2 years.

Students begin by memorizing the last 15th and 30th chapters individually. Regular assessments help estimate the pace of future memorization. The course divides the Quran into sections and assigns each for daily memorization target. Students adopt techniques like repeated recitation and pairing memorization with actions. Periodic reviews cement memorization.

The course coaches students in memorization, provides tips and tricks, and builds their confidence. By the end, students would have successfully memorized the entire Quran.

Quranic Arabic Course

This course teaches students the basics of Quranic Arabic so they can directly comprehend Allah’s words. It covers key grammar principles like:

  • Sarf (morphology) – verb formations, plural nouns, case endings
  • Nahw (syntax) – sentence structures, verbs, objects, adjectives
  • Balagha (rhetoric) – metaphors, imagery, literary devices

Vocabulary building comes through learning the most frequent words in the Quran. Lessons involve analyzing the Arabic structure of short Quranic verses. Students also translate verses directly to grasp the original meanings.

By grasping Quranic Arabic, students unlock a deeper understanding of Allah’s message. The course empowers them to connect with the Quran directly without translation.

Quran and Seerah Course

This course focuses on the interconnected lives and missions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Quran. Key topics include:

  • Revelations during important phases of the Prophet’s life
  • How verses guided the Prophet’s decisions and actions
  • Quranic verses praising the Prophet and his character
  • The Prophet’s emulation of Quranic principles

Students map Quranic revelations to the Seerah timeline. The course brings both alive, so students appreciate the Prophet’s struggles and triumphs in light of the Quran’s message during those times.

Tafseer Course

In the Tafseer (exegesis) course, students perform an in-depth word-for-word commentary on select Surahs. This helps reveal the deeper meanings behind each verse.

The Surahs covered include Surah Fatiha, Kauthar, Rahman, Yaseen, and more. Students reference classical works like Tafseer Ibn Kathir which discuss the multiple possible interpretations. They also learn the contexts in which verses were revealed.

The course trains students to deduct lessons and apply verses to their lives. By analyzing the Quran carefully, they are able to extract layers of wisdom from every word.

London Institute of Quran’s Achievements

Since its founding in 2010, the London Institute of Quran has:

  • Graduated over 1000 huffaz who have memorized the complete Quran
  • Taught Quranic Arabic to over 5000 Muslim youths in the UK
  • Published its Quran curriculum as a bestselling book on Amazon
  • Hosted international Quran recitation competitions attracting over 500 competitors
  • Started 5 Quran Learning centers across London to teach local communities

Through its training programs and outreach initiatives, the Institute has made the study of the Quran accessible to Muslims across London and beyond.

Goals of Qiratul Quran Institute of London

The London Institute aims to:

  • Make London the center point for Islamic education in Europe and the West
  • Promote the learning of Quranic sciences among Muslim youth and instill a love for Allah’s book
  • Prepare the next generation and Islamic scholars to serve the ummah
  • Produce more huffaz to lead Taraweeh prayers across British mosques
  • Spread an intellectual and spiritual understanding of the Quan in the modern world
  • Publish academic research on the Quran’s teachings by faculty members
  • Collaborate with Islamic organizations worldwide to advance Quranic literacy

The Institute seeks to make Quran learning a priority for Muslims. It aspires to continuously expand quality educational opportunities.

Qiratul Quran London’s Ph.D. Faculty

The London Institute boasts a diverse faculty of Ph.D. Islamic scholars. A number of lecturers come from Egypt’s prestigious Islamic universities like Al-Azhar.

These Egyptian scholars include:

  • Dr. Yasser Shahat – Professor of Quranic studies at Al-Azhar and exegesis author.
  • Dr. Mohammed Fadil – Hadith expert who studied at Darul Uloom Cairo.
  • Dr. Yusuf Sabih – Quran recitation specialist and graduate of Al-Azhar.
  • Dr. Ali Misbah – Professor of Islamic law with decades of teaching experience.
  • Dr. Nabila Ishaq – Dean of the Arabic Department at Ain Shams University.

The Egyptian faculty provides a crucial link to traditional Islamic scholarship. Their academic background lends the Institute prestige and credibility. Students benefit from their diverse specializations when studying various Quranic sciences.


The London Institute of Quran offers a comprehensive curriculum for studying the many facets of Allah’s book. Its courses range from memorization, recitation, and exegesis to exploring the Quran’s links with science, Arabic, and Seerah. The Institute has talented Egyptian faculty versed in Quranic sciences. Its goal is to nurture British Muslims’ connection with the Quran and produce graduates who can carry forth its message. The Institute has already impacted thousands through its teaching and outreach programs since 2010.


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