Ramadan Family Activities

Ramadan Family Activities: Ramadan is a special time for Muslim families to come together and focus on their faith. In addition to fasting and prayer, many families also participate in fun activities to make the holy month memorable for their children. Spending quality time together allows families to strengthen their bonds and create new traditions. Qiratul Quran gives you some ideas for family activities during Ramadan to try this year.

Ramadan Family Activities
Ramadan Family Activities

Build Excitement Leading Up to Ramadan

Get your kids enthusiastic about the upcoming month with these ideas:

Countdown Calendar

Make a paper chain or advent calendar to count down the days until Ramadan begins. Let kids remove one link each day or open a little flap. Build anticipation for the special month ahead.

Decorate Your Home

Involve the whole family in decorating your house for Ramadan. Make DIY lanterns, set out special holiday dishes, or hang festive garlands. Kids can get creative by making Ramadan-themed art for the walls.

Listen to Islamic Music

In the weeks before Ramadan begins, play Ramadan Arabic nasheeds and other Islamic music to set the mood. Older kids will enjoy learning the words to popular Ramadan Songs.

Fasting Activities for Kids

Keep younger kids engaged while the rest of the family is fasting with these activities:

Guess the Smell Game

Have kids wear a blindfold and try to guess the scent of different household spices and foods. This is a fun way to keep them occupied during meal prep.

Arts and Crafts

Do holiday-inspired crafts like making prayer beads, building a model mosque, decorating prayer mats, or painting clay pots to hold prayer stones. Crafts keep little hands busy.

Read Ramadan Books

Read age-appropriate books to teach kids about Ramadan traditions. Have older kids write their own stories about celebrating Ramadan and illustrate the pages.

Family Iftar Traditions

Iftar is the evening meal for breaking fast. Make it meaningful with family traditions:

Decorate the Table

Involve kids in beautifying your iftar table. Use a printed table runner, display fresh fruit in your finest bowls, and scatter glittery confetti for a festive touch. Light candles or string twinkle lights overhead.

Eat Traditional Foods

Prepare traditional iftar foods as a family like dates, fruit chaat, samosas, pakoras, and roasted chickpeas. Kids can help mix, fold, or assemble different dishes.

Hand Out Gifts

Consider giving small gifts at iftar time like new prayer outfits, spiritual books, or Ramadan activity packs. Kids will look forward to this new Eid tradition.

Engaging Activities for Eid al-Fitr

The celebration at the end of Ramadan is a joyous time for fun with family:

Host a Family Party

Start your Eid al-Fitr with a special family party at home. Cook traditional treats together, play games, dance to music, and decorate cookies. Set aside technology so you can connect.

Plan an Eid Gift Hunt

Hide small toys and candy all over the house and yard, then let kids hunt for the Eid gifts when they wake up. This gets the morning off to an exciting start before heading to prayers.

Explore your Town

Spend the day discovering new-to-you places in your community. Check out a kids’ museum, hike a nature trail, or explore a historic neighborhood. Grab a special meal from a restaurant you’ve wanted to try.

Maintaining Ramadan Routines

Build habits around key parts of Ramadan:

Host Iftars for Others

Take turns hosting iftar meals for relatives, friends, or neighbors who don’t have family nearby. Kids will enjoy showing off traditions and hospitality.

Attend Taraweeh Together

Make the longer night prayers more engaging for kids by going as a family. Kids can stand, sit, or quietly play as they accompany their parents. Offer a small reward for good behavior.

Engage in Charity

Find ways kids can participate in zakat and sadaqah, whether through donating beloved toys or joining you to serve meals for those in need. Set an example of generosity.

Ramadan brings Muslim families closer spiritually and emotionally to follow Ramadan Family Activities. Including kids in preparations, rituals, and fun new traditions lets them feel part of this special time.

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