Online Fiqh Course (Islamic Jurisprudence)

Welcome to our best online Fiqh course, where we provide in-depth knowledge of Islamic law & Jurisprudence. Our classes are designed to equip you with a thorough understanding of the principles and rulings that govern the practical aspects of the Islamic faith. By enrolling in our online Fiqh classes, you will gain valuable insights into the diverse areas covered by Fiqh, enabling you to navigate the complexities of Islamic law with confidence.

The Importance of Fiqh to Understand Islamic Law & Jurisprudence

Online Fiqh Course (Islamic Jurisprudence)
Online Fiqh Course (Islamic Jurisprudence)

Fiqh plays a pivotal role to understand Islamic Shariah and law and its actual Supplies in various aspects of life. It encompasses a wide range of subjects, including worship, transactions, family matters, and social interactions. By delving into the intricacies of Fiqh, you gain a profound comprehension of the underlying principles that guide Muslims in their daily lives.

Our Expert Instructors

At Qiratul Quran, we take pride in our team of expert instructors who possess extensive knowledge and experience in Islamic Jurisprudence. Our instructors are not only well-versed in the classical texts but also have the ability to deepest understanding of contemporary issues and challenges faced by Muslims around the world. They provide insightful interpretations and practical guidance to ensure you receive a well-rounded education in Fiqh.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our online Fiqh classes offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers every life-related topic within Islamic Jurisprudence. We have meticulously crafted our syllabus to provide you with a holistic understanding of Fiqh, enabling you to navigate the diverse challenges of the modern world while adhering to Islamic principles. Some of the key areas covered in our curriculum include:

1. Principles of Fiqh

In this module, we explore the fundamental concept and methodologies used in Fiqh. By understanding the sources of Islamic law, such as the Quran, Hadith, consensus, and analogical reasoning, you will develop a strong foundation for interpreting and applying Islamic teachings.

2. Worship and Rituals

This module focuses on the various aspects of worship and rituals in Islam. From the five pillars of Islam to the intricacies of prayer, fasting, and pilgrimage, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the practical dimensions of worship within the Islamic faith.

3. Transactions and Financial Matters

Understanding the rules and principles governing financial transactions is essential for every practicing Muslim. In this module, we delve into the intricacies of contracts, business transactions, banking, and investments, providing you with the necessary knowledge to navigate the realm of commerce while adhering to Islamic principles of trade and finance.

4. Family Law

Family law holds significant importance in Islamic Jurisprudence. This module explores the principles and regulations related to marriage, divorce, child custody, and inheritance. By delving into these areas, you will gain a well brief understanding of the legal framework that governs family matters in Islam.

5. Social Ethics and Interactions

Islam places great emphasis on social ethics and interactions. In this module, we discuss topics such as ethics, etiquette, community involvement, and social justice from an Islamic perspective. By understanding the ethical dimensions of social interactions, you will be able to navigate society while upholding the values and concepts of Islam.

Interactive Learning Experience

Our online Fiqh classes offer a highly interactive learning experience, ensuring that you can actively engage with the course material and interact with instructors and fellow students. Through our user-friendly platform, you will have access to live lectures, recorded sessions, discussion forums, and interactive quizzes to reinforce your understanding of the subject matter.


Enroll in our comprehensive online Fiqh classes today and embark on a transformative journey of learning and understanding Islamic Jurisprudence & Islamic studies. By equipping yourself with in-depth knowledge of Fiqh, you will not only strengthen your own faith but also be better prepared to navigate the complexities of Islamic shariah and law in the modern world. Join us now and take the first step toward a profound understanding of Islamic Jurisprudence.

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