How to Make the Quran Easy for Kids – Qiratul Quran

How to Make the Quran Easy for Kids- Qiratul Quran
How to Make the Quran Easy for Kids- Qiratul Quran

Methods to Make Quran Learning Easy for Kids

How to Make the Quran Easy for Kids: Learning and understanding the Quran can be challenging for children. As parents and teachers, we want kids to build a positive relationship with the Quran from an early age. This develops their faith, character, and intellect.

However, kids have shorter attention spans. Large Quranic words and complex concepts are difficult for them to grasp. So we have to teach the Quran in a way that resonates with children. Below are methods to simplify Quran learning for your kids.

Choose a Good Translation

The Arabic Quran has profound meanings. Kids cannot dive deep into exegesis from a young age. So start by reading an easy translation with your children.

Look for these qualities in a translation for kids:

Simple Language

Go for a translation that uses simple English. The flowery language will only confuse kids. Bilingual translations are also very useful.


Theme-based translations divide chapters by common themes. For example, stories of previous prophets. This helps kids focus on ideas.


A summarized version is also great for children. It shortens verses to key takeaways that aid memory and understanding.

Use Quran Stories

Kids love stories. And Quranic stories leave a strong moral impact on children. They also portray Allah’s grace and prophets’ sacrifices.

Here’s how to share Quran stories with kids:

Read Aloud

You must read stories directly from the Quran. Then explain verses in your own words. Avoid pure narration without references.

Discuss Lessons

Have your children narrate the story in their own words. Ask questions to check their understanding. Also, discuss moral lessons learned.

Use Audios and Videos

Today many Quran cartoons and video series exist for kids. Watch or listen to these together. It helps visual and audio learners.

Encourage Memorization

Having kids memorize small surahs and verses will make the Quran easier to connect with. Choose simple and short surahs to start, like Surah Al-Kawthar or An-Nasr. Then you can build up.

Here are some memorizing tips:

Set a Routine

Dedicate 10-15 minutes daily for your child’s Quran memorization practice. Maintaining a routine is key.

Recite Together

Recite verses aloud together multiple times. Then have your child recite independently till they memorize.

Make It Fun

Play games like fill-in-the-blanks with verses kids have to memorize. Give prizes for memorizing surah milestones.

Do Frequent Reviews

Kids forget concepts fast. So you have to consistently review previous surahs and verses gone through.

Some good practices:

Recap Daily

Start each Quran session by asking kids to recite verses, and surahs memorized before. Refresh as needed.

Activity Books

Purchase Quran activity books for kids. These reinforce vocabulary and lessons learned through puzzles, questions, and crafts.


Let small kids make scrapbooks collecting surahs memorized. Decorating pages with stickers makes remembering fun.

Break Down Words

Arabic can seem intimidating to kids. Long names and words seem difficult to pronounce. Tackle this using simple techniques:

Focus on Common Names

Teach very common names and words first like “Allah”, “Quran”, “surah”, and “ayat”. Get kids comfortable with these.

Write Phonetically

When introducing a long word, write it out phonetically in English first. This helps kids pronounce names and places correctly.

Define Tricky Words

Clarify meanings of words that seem confusing. Relate them to English derivations for better context.

Incorporate Technology

Technology grabs children’s attention instantly today. It can positively reinforce Quran learning if appropriately leveraged.

Educational Apps

Fantastic apps exist helping kids learn Quran basics. Explore these to find ones that suit your child’s level.

Multimedia Content

Subscribe kids to YouTube channels producing beneficial Islamic multimedia content for children. Monitor what holds their interest.

Online Courses

Many reputed Institutes like QiratulQuran.Com now offer online Quran courses for kids. These teach at an appropriate pace with visual aids and assessments.

Practice Together

The best way to inspire kids is by doing it together with them. When you actively learn and engage, it motivates children.

Here are some great practices:

Read Daily

Cultivate the habit of reading Quran verses daily together as a family, even if little. Consistency matters greatly.

Attend Kids’ Programs

Look up and take your kids to beneficial Islamic children’s events and halaqas. This creates belonging and passion.

Do activities

Purchase activity books you can do together. Also, devise activities and games to reinforce lessons yourself.

Make Duas for Guidance

Lastly, make fervent dua for your children’s Islamic upbringing. Allah hears and accepts the dua of parents made for their children. The best tarbiyyah ultimately comes from the Almighty.

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