4 Learning Quran For Kids Tips: Fun Ways To Teach Them Quran

The Quran is the holy book of Islam and learning it is an important part of a Muslim child’s upbringing. As parents, it is our responsibility to encourage and facilitate Quran learning for our kids. However, memorizing and understanding Quranic verses can be challenging for young children if not taught properly.

4 Learning Quran For Kids Tips: Fun Ways To Teach Them Quran
4 Learning Quran For Kids Tips: Fun Ways To Teach Them Quran

The key is using creative techniques to make Learning Quran For Kids fun and engaging for them. With the right approach, you’ll be surprised at how quickly children pick up reading and comprehending the Quran. Here are 4 useful tips on how to teach Quran to kids in an enjoyable way.

1. Make Reading the Quran a Routine

Consistency and routine are important when the Learning Quran For kids. Set aside a fixed time every day for your child’s Quran lessons rather than doing it occasionally when you have time. Kids learn faster with a structured schedule.

Schedule Quran Lessons in the Morning or Evening

Morning and evening are good times as children tend to be more alert and receptive. Make sure your child looks forward to this special time with you.

Fix the Duration as per Child’s Age

Start with 15-30 minute sessions if your kid is below 7 years old. Extend it up to 1 hour for older children above 10 years, with adequate breaks in between.

Make Sure the Environment is Calm and Quiet

Find a clean spot in the house away from noise and distractions for Quran reading lessons. This allows your child to focus better on understanding the verses and meanings. You can use Islamic decoration in surroundings to build interest.

2. Set the Foundation with Basic Concepts

Before teaching the actual verses, ensure your child knows some basic Islamic concepts that aid memorization and comprehension of the Quran teachings.

Teach Words and Meanings

Introduce new Arabic words, and their English translations and go over commonly used ones. Start with easy day-to-day words first.

Explain Major Events and People in the Quran

Briefly describe important historical events and personalities mentioned in the Quran like prophets, messengers, hereafter concepts, etc. Kids relate better when they know the context.

Go Through Essential Rules of Tajweed

Teach little kids the correct makharij and rules like stopping points, merging letters, etc. The better they grasp tajweed early, the more fluent will be in Quran reading.

3. Use Engaging Activities and Tools

Rote learning by simply reading Quran verses repeatedly may bore children quickly. Plan a mix of enjoyable activities to keep your child’s interest alive.

Tell Interesting Stories

Spark your child’s curiosity before starting a new surah by telling interesting trivia or stories about it in a storytelling manner. The human connection helps them grasp the essence better.

Role Play with Toys and Costumes

Ask your kid and their friends or cousins to enact stories of prophets by dressing up like them! Help them recreate mini-scenes using toys. Makes understanding deeper.

Watch Educational Cartoons and Rhymes

Let your kids watch beautifully illustrated videos of Quran stories in cartoon form. Or play Islamic nasheeds and rhymes to recreate main lessons in a song format.

Download Games and Flashcard Apps

Allow your child to play on a tablet with Islamic educational games and apps for kids. Flashcard apps can make memorizing surahs into a fun quiz activity.

4. Give Positive Encouragement and Incentives

When teaching the Quran to little kids, boosting their interests through positive motivation is crucial for continuity.

Set Gradual Targets

Break up Quran learning into smaller achievable targets according to your child’s ability instead of overburdening them. Praise progress.

Patiently Correct Mistakes

Gently point out errors in recitation or understanding without criticism. Guide them to rectify mistakes better next time in a caring tone.

Offer Incentives for Goal Achievement

Promise little rewards like their favorite snack, choosing a family activity, etc. after finishing a target. Creates enthusiasm to perform better.

The Holy Quran is the ultimate guide to living a meaningful Islamic life for all Muslims. By using specialized teaching approaches for kids that combine spirituality with fun, parents can sow the seeds of Quranic wisdom, ensuring children treasure it for life.


Learning the Quran from a young age plants the seeds of Islamic knowledge and shapes a child’s identity as a Muslim. However, imposing rote learning methods can make children dread or ignore it. The key is using creative techniques that spark their interest and make memorization enjoyable. Fix a routine, lay the conceptual foundations through stories and games, use engaging activities and tools, and provide plenty of encouragement. With patience and the right approach, teaching the Quran to children can become one of the most fruitful and rewarding parenting duties that reap benefits for life. Equipping kids with Quranic literacy prepares them to extract its timeless wisdom as their moral compass while growing up.


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