Best Quran Academy to Learn Quran Online – Qiratul Quran Institute

Best Quran Academy to Learn Quran Online - Qiratul Quran Institute
Best Quran Academy to Learn Quran Online – Qiratul Quran Institute

Best Quran Academy to Learn Quran Online

The Quran is the holy book of Islam and learning to properly recite, understand, and implement it in one’s life is an honorable goal for Muslims around the world. Finding a qualified and effective Quran academy to study online can help students achieve excellence in Quranic studies from the comfort of their own homes. One of the top institutes for online Quran classes is Qiratul Quran.

Overview of Qiratul Quran Curriculum and Teaching Approach

Qiratul Quran offers a comprehensive Quran learning curriculum for children and adults. Our programs focus on developing core competencies in proper Quran recitation (tajweed), memorization (hifz), and implementation.

Quran Recitation (Tajweed) Courses

Our tajweed program starts from the basics of Arabic pronunciation and rules of recitation while advancing towards mastery of complex tajweed concepts. Students are trained in Nazirah and Nazirah with tajweed to ensure comprehensive understanding.

Quran Memorization (Hifz) Programs

The hifz courses are structured to systematically memorize the Quran section by section. Students memorize new passages while continuously revising old ones so as not to forget them. Memorization techniques, consistency tips, and customized learning goals help achieve hifz excellence.

Quran Implementation and Understanding

In addition to melodious recitation and flawless memorization, Qiratul Quran courses teach the deeper meanings of the Quran and how to live by its guidance. This crucial component helps students fully implement the Quran into their lives.

Qualified and Passionate Teachers

What truly sets Qiratul Quran apart is its exceptional community of teachers. Qiratul Quran experienced Quran instructors have years of experience and are passionate about passing authentic knowledge to the next generation.

Stringent Teacher Selection Process

We carefully select each teacher after rigorous vetting of qualifications and teaching skills. Only dedicated, patient, and motivating teachers who can assess student needs make their prestigious instructor community.

One-on-One Personalized Attention

Every class has dedicated time for student questions which teachers thoughtfully respond to. Teachers also provide constructive feedback on student recitation explaining exact mistakes. Such focused one-on-one attention ensures quick progress.

Customized Curriculum and Convenient Online Platform

Students can enroll in customized courses based on their current level and future Quranic goals. The user-friendly dashboard also makes taking classes extremely convenient.

Self-Paced and Targeted Courses

Students first take an assessment test that matches them into beginner, intermediate, or advanced courses based on expertise. Within each level is further customization so students never feel lost or bored.

Easy-to-Use Online Portal

Qiratul Quran online platform uses cutting-edge technology for a smooth learning experience. It enables learning the Quran with experienced teachers via HD video chat from anywhere in the world without hassle.

Affordable Pricing and Expansive Scholarship Initiatives

While Qiratul Quran Institute delivers premium quality training, we are committed to making Quran education universally accessible too. Our reasonable pricing and scholarships open doors for dedicated students from all backgrounds.

Reasonable Tuition Plans

Our tuition fees are modest and affordable compared to many Quran institutes, especially given our teacher excellence and online convenience. We also offer customized bulk deals for families and Islamic schools.

Generous Scholarship Funding

Additionally, over 25% of our dedicated students receive full or partial financial aid. Donor-funded scholarships are granted based on financial eligibility and commitment assessments during a rigorous application process.

The Qiratul Quran Institute’s balanced focus on Quran recitation, memorization, and implementation paired with our student-centered approach cultivated by exceptional teachers makes us a top choice Quran academy. Our dual commitment to quality and accessibility via cost-effectiveness and scholarships is a profound win for online Quran education seekers especially in the UK & USA.

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