Weekend Quran Classes Online (Weekend Hifz Classes)

Introduction to Online Quran Weekend Classes

Qiratul Quran has opened up new possibilities for Quran education that allow customized and flexible learning. Weekend Quran classes online are an attractive option for those with busy schedules during the week. These classes offer remote access to qualified Quran teachers, using video chat technology.

Students can choose from various class timings on Saturdays and Sundays to fit their availability. The curriculum covers essential Quranic learning – from basic recitation (Qirat) to memorization (Hifz) and interpretation (Tafseer). Advanced courses in specialized subjects like Maqamat and Arabic are also available.

Online classes allow for setting an individual pace of learning. Students get personalized attention and feedback since class sizes are smaller compared to traditional learning. Teachers can use slides, and audio-video content to engage students fully despite the remote format. Let’s discuss essential Quranic learning students can access through weekend online classes.

Weekend Quran Classes Online
Weekend Quran Classes Online

Quran Reading and Recitation (Qirat ul Quran)

Qirat refers to the correct reading and vocalization of the Holy Quran. Students learn the accurate pronunciation of Arabic letters, words, and verses.

Key aspects covered:

Makharij and Sifaat of Letters

Learning the exact articulation points and characteristics of each Arabic letter is the first step. Students get to know the place and manner of emission of letter sounds.

Tajweed Rules

Applying the tajweed rules ensures adherence to how the Prophet (SAW) recited the Quran. These include rules for the correct pronunciation of letters based on characteristics like idgham, ikhfa, iqlab and more.

Fluency Development

Students practice reading verses from the Holy Quran to develop smoothness, accuracy, and flow. Teachers provide guidance to tackle difficult words.

Qiraat Variations

Multiple established modes of Quran recitation are taught based on references to famous reciters like Imam Asim and more. Students learn to incorporate qiraat variations permitted by tajweed principles.

Mastering Quran recitation remains a lifelong process. However, students completing the initial groundwork can recite the Holy Book correctly.

Weekend Hifz Classes for Quran Memorization

Hifz refers to memorizing the complete Quran, word for word, including each letter’s characteristics. Structured weekend classes allow memorizing with consistency without disturbing weekly routines. Some key components of Quran Hifz lessons include:

Manzil by Manzil Memorization

The entire Quran is divided into smaller portions called Parahs or Manzils. Students focus on memorizing one Manzil completely before moving to the next. This approach prevents scattering and aids revision.

Individual Progress Tracking

Teachers track each student’s memorization pace and progress separately. Lesson plans are tailored as per memorization capability and speed. Daily memorization goals are set after factoring in the student’s learning curve.

Periodic Evaluations

Continuous assessments ensure memorization quality. Students revise and recollect parts of the Quran memorized over previous weeks. This prevents forgotten verses and strengthens retention capability.

Tajweed Focus

Applying accurate tajweed rules to memorization retains the recall effect. Teachers pay attention to subtle tajweed details for each ayah memorized by students.

Sustained practice across months helps memorize the Holy Quran accurately in segments without overwhelming students.

Specialized Courses to Deepen Understanding

Some useful specialized courses are also offered besides foundational Quran lessons in Qirat and Hifz.

Tajweed Course

An exclusive course covering all tajweed rules elaborates on the science of precise Quranic recitation. Various topics like merged letters (idgham), nasalization (ghunna), and more are covered in depth with the help of Noorani Qaida.

Maqamat Course

This course trains students to recite the Holy Quran with melody by applying the correct maqam or tune. Rules of maqam, combining musical tone with recitation are taught.

Quran Tafseer Course

Understanding verses’ contextual meanings is vital. A course dedicated to verse-by-verse Quranic translation and interpretation nurtures insight into the Holy Book.

Arabic Language Courses

As Arabic is the language of the Quran, exclusive courses to teach Quranic Arabic, vocabulary, and grammar aid overall learning.

Why Choose Weekend Online Quran Classes?

Some key reasons why weekend online Quran classes offer a useful learning medium:

No Location Constraints

Physical proximity to an Islamic school or teacher no longer limits Quran education. Students learn from home via live video classes.

Scheduling Flexibility

With fixed weekday routines and work hours, weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) are the only free periods for many. Convenient class timings are available during weekends.

Personalized Attention

Individual care from qualified teachers in online settings results in a customized learning approach. Progress tracking and feedback help retain motivation.

Access to Subject Experts

Finding expert Quran, Hifz, and Tajweed teachers locally can be difficult Sometimes. Online education allows learning from experienced subject specialists conveniently.

Interactive Learning

Latest e-learning tools like digital boards, slide sharing, etc make online classes highly dynamic. Students remain immersed and can grasp concepts easily.


There are no additional expenses for commuting to physical class centers or boarding. Only a reasonable internet connection and device are needed.


Weekend online Quran, Hifz and Tajweed classes in Qiratul Quran offer a flexible way of seeking Islamic knowledge that aligns with lifestyles and schedules today. Customized coaching per individual capability and requirements is possible in the comfort of homes. Versatile solutions like these will make quality Quran education accessible to a wider cross-section of learners globally.


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