Tajweed Classes for Kids – Best Tajweed Courses For Kids

Tajweed Classes for Kids (Tajweed Courses for kids)
Tajweed Classes for Kids (Tajweed Courses for kids)

Tajweed Classes for Kids Online

Tajweed is the Islamic art of reciting the Quran according to the elaborate rules of pronunciation and intonation. Learning proper tajweed is essential for reading the Quran accurately and melodiously. In today’s world, online tajweed classes provide in Qiratul Quran an easy and convenient way for kids to learn Quran online.

Tajweed Courses for Kids Program

Structured tajweed programs designed specifically for children take into account their shorter attention spans and need for engaging interactive lessons. High-quality kids’ tajweed courses focus on laying a strong foundation in the basic rules of recitation, emphasizing practical application through extensive reading practice.

Fully-structured Tajweed Classes for Kids Online

Comprehensive online tajweed classes build kids’ skills systematically, level by level. Courses cover essential topics like Makharij (places of articulation), rules of nun Sakinah (nunation), rules of mim Sakinah, rules of medd (prolongation), and proper pronunciation of letters like Raa and laam. Through step-by-step progression in structured courses, young students can gain expertise.

About Qiratul Quran Tajweed Classes for Kids

Qiratul Quran offers specialized tajweed programming for children ages 4-15 years. It focuses both on theory and intensive practical application of rules. Qiratul Quran’s Tajweed courses emphasize correct enunciation, intonation, and melodious voice training. Our expert instructors make online children’s tajweed lessons engaging through games, activities, feedback, and repetition.

Our 5 Levels of Tajweed Classes for Kids Program

Qiratul Quran designs tajweed courses for kids of varying ages and competencies across five levels:

Level 1:

Level one introduces Makharij letters, the basic characteristics of letters, noon Saakin rules, and meem Saakin rules. Students read and memorize short surahs while applying rules.

Level 2:

Level two continues to progress in proper Makharij and builds on level one topics. Students work on lengthier surahs, mastering basic rules before advancing.

Level 3:

Level three focuses on tajweed’s intricate rules, including Ghunnah, Ikhfa’, Iqlab, Ikhfa Shafwee, Idghaam Bilghunnah, Idghaam Bilaghunnah, and more. The program is designed to challenge students while ensuring comprehension.

Level 4:

Students work on perfecting the pronunciation of all letters and mastering all tajweed rules. In-depth study produces expertise as students demonstrate skills through longer surahs.

Level 5:

The highest level polishes advanced rules and tests competencies through structured examinations. Learners graduate as highly skilled tajweed reciters.

Arab Huffaz Tutors with Highly Experienced Faculty

Qiratul Quran’s accomplished faculty have years of experience successfully teaching tajweed skills to children through methodologies tailored to young learners. Their Arabic Huffaz tutors are recognized experts in correct Makharij and tajweed pronunciation, providing:

  • Step-by-step breakdowns of complex rules.
  • Engaging in games and activities.
  • Positive reinforcement.
  • Individualized feedback.
  • Integration of traditional Tajweed text references.

Easy Methods of Our Tajweed Course for Kids

Children learn best through interactive, engaging activities that fizzle out complex rules into easy-to-grasp steps. Qiratul Quran incorporates traditional tajweed texts along with modern learning tools like:

Audiovisual System:

Multimedia content appeals to children’s tech-savviness and dynamic learning styles through:

  • Pronunciation videos.
  • Vocal demonstrations.
  • Audio recordings and playback.
  • Interactive games and quizzes.

Feedback & Evaluation:

  • Detailed individual feedback.
  • 1-on-1 testing.
  • Refinement prompts.
  • Positive reinforcement.
  • Structured assessments.

How Students in Qiratul Quran take Tajweed classes

Qiratul Quran delivers online Quran classes for kids‘ tajweed lessons directly to students on interactive platforms. Children join:

Live Video Tajweed Classes:

Expert instructors give live lessons and demonstrate correct pronunciation in real-time. Students actively participate via video chat through reading practice, games, and activities while receiving personalized feedback.

Pre-Recorded Tajweed Video Tutorials:

Children tap into self-paced lessons to review topics and refine skills. Qiratul Quran’s growing video library allows unlimited access to demonstrated content.

PDF Tajweed Workbooks:

Downloadable PDFs allow retention of concepts through reading & writing exercises done offline to supplement learning.

Benefits of Our Tajweed Classes for Kids

Studying tajweed is essential for connecting to revelation through proper Quranic recitation. Qiratul Quran’s tajweed classes tailored for kids unlock immense benefits including:

Strong Tajweed Foundation in Rules

Methods suitable for young learners ensure comprehension and command of Makharij, characteristics, assimilation rules between letters, nunation rules, and more.

Mastery in Recitation of Quran with Tajweed Rules

Intense reading and repetition develop natural, melodious (Maqamat), and beautiful Quranic pronunciation.

Self-Confidence to Learn Quran with Tajweed

Refining recitation skills build confidence to lead prayers or recite the Quran in front of others without hesitation.

Connection to the Quran

Learning tajweed fosters an early and lasting personal bond with the Divine Word that uplifts faith.

Continued Excellence

Skills gained in childhood allow learners to become lifelong huffaz and Islamic scholars.


In summary, learning proper tajweed from a child’s age allows a deeper understanding and acknowledgment of the Quran. Qiratul Quran’s specialized Tajweed program for kids takes students through progressive mastery using time-tested methodologies tailored for children. Their 5-tier courses taught by expert Arab Quran instructors via our online platforms offer comprehensive skill refinement. Overall, the Qiratul Quran opens the door for kids to achieve beauty in Quran recitation.


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