Skype Quran Classes

Skype Quran Classes
Skype Quran Classes

Best Skype Quran Classes: Learn the Quran Online from Anywhere

The Quran is the holy book of Islam and is considered the direct word of God as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. For Muslims, reading and memorizing the Quran is an important part of faith. With Qiratul Quran technology advancing and internet connectivity becoming more widespread, online Quran classes conducted via Skype have emerged as a convenient way for Muslims all over the world to learn the Quran.

Benefits of Skype Quran Classes

Skype Quran classes offer several advantages over traditional in-person classes:


One of the biggest benefits of Skype Quran classes is the convenience and flexibility it provides. Students can access lessons from the comfort of their own homes without having to commute to a physical classroom. This makes it easy to fit Quran lessons into a busy schedule. Skype also allows students to take classes from teachers anywhere in the world rather than being limited by geographic proximity.


Online Quran classes are often more affordable than in-person instruction. Teachers do not need to maintain a physical classroom space, allowing them to offer classes for lower fees. The online format also allows teachers to take on more students, keeping costs down. The lack of commuting costs for students also contributes to the affordability of online classes.

Customized Curriculum

With Skype Quran lessons, students can find a program that matches their goals and level of knowledge. Some teachers offer individual tutoring while others have structured multi-level classes. Students can choose between focusing on just Quran recitation or also learning tajweed rules, translation, and interpretation. The curriculum can be tailored to each student’s needs.


Skype allows for interactive lessons that keep students engaged. Teachers can give instant feedback on recitation and check for understanding. Lessons can also incorporate activities like games, quizzes, and question-and-answer sessions. The ability to share screens enables teachers to display visual aids and texts easily.

How Skype Quran Classes Work

For Skype Quran classes to be effective, teachers need to adapt their traditional teaching methods to the online format. Here is our overview of how Skype classes typically work:

Our Skype Quran Scheduling System

Most teachers will have set class timings they offer students to sign up for, such as 30 or 60-minute sessions twice or five sessions per week. Teachers may also accommodate individual requests for one-on-one sessions at particular times. Scheduling is handled through our platforms or direct messaging through our WhatsApp which is visible down the left corner of the site.

Our Technology Setup For Skype Quran Classes

Teachers will guide students on installing Skype and testing equipment like webcams and microphones before the first class. Good internet speed and an environment without too much background noise is ideal. Teachers may also utilize supplementary tools like Google Docs for sharing texts.

Our Skype Quran Lesson Structure

A typical Skype Quran lesson will begin with greeting and checking in with students. The teacher will deliver a short lesson or lecture component interspersed with discussions, activities, and questions. A significant portion of the class will be devoted to recitation and repetition. Lessons end with an assignment, recap, and salaam.

Student Evaluation is an important factor in making Quran classes progressive

Student progress is evaluated through their recitation as well as quizzes and activities. Teachers provide regular verbal feedback and may also record students periodically to playback for self-assessment. Periodic parent-teacher meetings may also evaluate progress and set goals.

Q&A Sessions Daily and weekly based System

Most classes set aside time for students to clarify doubts and ask questions. Teachers may also encourage students to message any questions that come up between classes. Open communication ensures students comprehend lessons properly.

Finding a Skype Quran Teacher

Finding the right Skype Quran teacher is important to get a quality learning experience online. Here are our tips for finding and selecting a good teacher in Qiratul Quran Institute (QQI):


Speaking to family, friends, and local community members can provide recommendations for experienced online Quran teachers they or their children have learned from. Mosques or Islamic schools may also suggest teachers like Qiratul Quran Egyptian Arabic Quran teachers.

Online Directories

Websites like QiratulQuran.Com students are taking Quran classes with qualified teachers around the world for online classes. Profiles provide teacher credentials, student reviews, and sample recitations.

Note: To see teachers credentials and tecahers recitation sample kindly book pro Fee package.

Demo Classes

It’s a good idea to schedule a free demo class with potential teachers before committing. This gives students a feel for the teaching style and lesson structure. Teachers can also assess student’s levels and goals.

Note: We will provide a trial class for only a specific amount of students this will not be available for all students OR you can choose to directly Enroll for classes.


Look for teachers with qira’at and tajweed qualifications from the Qiratul Quran Institute. Native Arabic speakers with training in online instruction are ideal. Check our reviews to understand teaching quality.

Teaching Style

Consider factors like teacher personality, discussion inclusion, classroom management, and feedback method. Look for patient, engaging, knowledgeable teachers aligned with your learning preferences.

What Students Should Know to Learn Quran Via Skype

Here are some key tips for students to succeed in online Skype Quran lessons:

Come Prepared

Students should have the Quran, notebooks, and pens ready for each class. Review previous material and be ready with questions to gain maximum value from lessons.

Setup Your Space

A quiet, distraction-free space with good lighting and minimal background noise makes learning easier. Position the camera properly to be seen and test the equipment ahead of class.

Be Disciplined

Consistent attendance, completing homework, and focused participation in class leads to better absorption and retention of knowledge. Stay motivated.

Engage and Ask Questions

Be an active learner by responding to teacher prompts, asking for clarification when confused, and sharing connections you make with the material.

Apply Between Classes

Spend 15-30 minutes daily reviewing and applying what was learned in class through reciting and memorizing assigned verses.

Communicate Needs

Provide regular feedback to teachers on lesson pace, curriculum needs, or any difficulties faced so they can make adjustments to help you learn better.

Making Progress with Skype Quran Classes

With commitment and effective learning habits, students can make steady progress toward their Quran literacy goals through online classes. Here are some benchmarks of success:

Learning to Recite

Within the first few months, students should transition from individual letters to proper recitation of verses, chapters, and sections. Aim to recite melodiously at conversational speed Like Maqamat.

Mastering Tajweed

It takes consistent practice over months to accurately pronounce letters from the correct articulation points and master rules like merging letters and elongating sounds.

Gaining Fluency

After a year or so of regular classes, students should be fluently reading the Quran at normal speeds. The focus shifts more to understanding meanings and memorization.

Retaining Memorization

Students may start memorizing short surahs after developing fluency. Regular revision ensures whatever is memorized is retained long-term. This takes ongoing dedication.

Completing the Quran

Many students aim to complete one khatam, or full reading, of the Quran after 1-2 years of classes. This depends on weekly lesson times and the student’s own progress.


Skype Quran classes at Qiratul Quran Institute make it easy for Muslims around the world to learn to read and understand the words of Allah. The convenience and customization of online lessons facilitate consistent Quran education. Selecting a qualified teacher and implementing disciplined learning habits is key to seeing results. With the right guidance, students can use Skype classes to become connected with the Quran in meaning and melody.


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