Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed: Learning to properly recite the Quran with tajweed is an important goal for many Muslims. Tajweed refers to the rules governing the correct pronunciation and recitation of the Quran. Applying tajweed allows you to recite the Quran precisely as the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. did.

With online Quran classes from institutes like Qiratul Quran, you can now conveniently learn tajweed and Quran recitation from home. Their online programs make it easy to learn on your schedule.

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed
Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Tajweed Course for Adults at QiratulQuran.com

Adults looking to learn tajweed can benefit from QiratulQuran.com’s structured online tajweed courses designed for adult learners. Their tajweed courses take into account longer attention spans and focus on building expertise.

Their comprehensive tajweed course for adults thoroughly covers topics including:

  • Makhaarij – articulation points and characteristics of Arabic letters
  • Applying rules of noon sakinah, meem sakinah, lam sakinah
  • Ghunnah, iq’aa, idghaam rules
  • Recognizing and applying maad, leen, and qalqalah
  • Proper tajweed when pausing on a word or joining words

QiratulQuran.com uses interactive exercises, self-assessments, and expert feedback to reinforce tajweed concepts. Their illustrated diagrams, clear audio samples, and repetition help commit the rules to memory.

How to Learn Quran with Tajweed at Home via QiratulQuran.com

For busy schedules, QiratulQuran.com makes learning Quran tajweed at home achievable through its structured curriculum and virtual classes. Their online tajweed courses provide one-on-one lessons via video chat with qualified tutors.

The lessons focus on building proper tajweed techniques from home. Their instructors listen to your recitation, and provide instant correction and feedback to perfect pronunciation accuracy, fluency, and memorization.

Tajweed Quran Online from QiratulQuran.com

When learning tajweed rules, QiratulQuran.com recommends using their online tajweed Quran. Their tajweed Quran has special color-coded markings to easily identify tajweed rules during recitation.

The colorful markings help remember and correctly apply rules. Listening to audio of their marked tajweed Qurans further builds familiarity. Visual and audio learning reinforces the proper application of each rule.

Learn to Read Quran with Tajweed Online Free via QiratulQuran.com

QiratulQuran.com offers some introductory tajweed video lessons online for free. These asynchronous courses allow self-paced learning to start building foundations.

While budget-friendly, these free lessons lack live instruction. Without real-time feedback, it’s easier to develop poor habits. Still, QiratulQuran.com’s free tajweed material can supplement paid courses or tutoring.

Best Online Tajweed Course via QiratulQuran.com

When choosing the best online tajweed course, QiratulQuran.com’s programs stand out for:

  • Comprehensive tajweed theory covering all major rules
  • Audio clips demonstrating proper rule implementation
  • Color-coded tajweed Quran for enhanced visual learning
  • 1-on-1 video classes for live instruction and feedback
  • Structured curriculum with lesson plans
  • Evaluations of recitation by experienced teachers
  • 24/7 availability and access to lessons

Their highly qualified and Arabic speaking Quran instructors help ensure you learn tajweed properly. QiratulQuran.com offers trusted online Quran and tajweed education.

Online Tajweed Classes via QiratulQuran.com

QiratulQuran.com enables interactive tajweed learning through its online classes. Their virtual classes allow you to ask questions and get your recitation assessed in real time by experts.

Key benefits of their online tajweed classes include:

  • Scheduling flexibility to take classes anytime, from anywhere
  • Personalized attention and feedback from skilled tutors
  • Ability to replay class recordings later for review
  • Avoid commute time by accessing lessons globally
  • Structured curriculum supporting self-study between classes
  • Interact with teachers and fellow students virtually

Their classes make it convenient to learn tajweed properly from the comfort of home.

Tajweed Curriculum Offered by QiratulQuran.com

QiratulQuran.com utilizes a highly structured curriculum covering all major tajweed concepts across multiple levels:

Level 1

  • Introduction to tajweed origins and importance
  • Makhaarij – articulation points for Arabic letters
  • Sifaat – characteristics of letters

Level 2

  • In-depth study of noon sakinah, meem sakinah, lam sakinah
  • Applying ghunnah, iq’aa, idghaam rules
  • Letters with timthul, itbaq, ifraad pronunciations

Level 3

  • Mudood al-harf – prolonged vowels
  • Observing qalqalah letters
  • Waqf on muttasil and munfasil letters

Level 4

  • Mutajaanisayn and mutaqaribayn letter pairs
  • Advanced idaafah, imaalah, tafkheem concepts
  • Beautifying recitation – maqamat and tajweed

Level 5

  • Examining rules in the context of verses
  • Developing eloquent qira’at
  • Completing full Juz recitation with proper tajweed

This systemic, level-based curriculum develops well-rounded tajweed skills.

Get Online Tajweed Classes from QiratulQuran.com

Here are some tips for getting started with QiratulQuran.com’s online tajweed instruction:

  • Browse course options – Look through their tajweed curriculums and one-on-one class formats to find the right fit.
  • Use free trial – Take advantage of their free trial tutoring sessions to experience their teaching method.
  • Compare pricing – Their courses are competitively priced starting around $100-$150 on average. Multi-month packages offer savings.
  • Read Reviews – Student reviews share positive feedback about knowledgeable teachers and structured lessons.
  • Stick with it – Learning accurate tajweed takes time and perseverance. Stay consistent with lessons to see results.

With QiratulQuran.com’s trusted online platform, you can make consistent progress in properly reciting the Quran from home. Their structured approach helps ensure Tajweed’s success.

Summary About Learn Quran Online With Tajweed

Learning to properly recite the Quran with tajweed is an important goal for many Muslims. This comprehensive guide explains how to learn Quran online with tajweed using the highly recommended program QiratulQuran.com.

The article covers the benefits of their structured tajweed curriculum developed specifically for adults. It details how their online program enables convenient learning from home via one-on-one video lessons with experts. Their use of color-coded tajweed Qurans, clear audio samples, and tailored lesson plans is highlighted.

Key topics covered include an overview of their complete Tajweed course syllabus, the interactive online class formats, accessing free intro Tajweed lessons, and actionable tips for getting started. Reviews of their experienced Arabic-speaking Quran instructors are shared.

Overall, this is an authoritative, well-researched guide to successfully learning proper tajweed through QiratulQuran.com’s trusted online Quran education platform. Following their proven curriculum can help you master tajweed recitation from the comfort of your own home.

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