How To Become A Hafiz of Quran Online

How To Become A Hafiz of Quran Online
Hafiz of Quran Online

Hafiz of Quran Online

Becoming a Hafiz of the Quran (someone who has memorized the entire Quran) is a noble goal that takes dedication, perseverance, and time. With the right strategies and tools, learning online can make the journey easier. Qiratul Quran will guide you on how to become a Hafiz of the Quran through online methods:

Understand What Being A Hafiz Means

Being a Hafiz means having committed the entire Quran comprising over 6200 verses to memory. This is no small feat and requires immense determination and discipline. Before embarking on this journey, be clear about what you are undertaking and have the right intentions. The goal should be to deepen your understanding and connection with the Word of Allah. Memorization on its own has less benefit if the Quran is not pondered upon and applied. Keeping this broader objective in mind will help give direction to your efforts.

Strengthen Your Foundation in Quran Recitation

Having a strong grasp on the fundamentals of Quran recitation and pronunciation is key before beginning the memorization process. Qiratul Quran online institute provides detailed Quran recitation courses covering areas like:

  • Makharij – Points of articulation for each Arabic letter
  • Rules of Noon Sakinah, Meem Sakinah, Lam Sakinah
  • Rules of stopping on words ending with Alif, Ya, or WOW words
  • Applying the rules of Tajweed

Spend time mastering these rules through online Quran classes. Being well-versed in the basics will make memorization much easier.

Choose A Memorization Method

There are different methods and techniques for memorizing the Quran. Choose a structured approach that suits your learning style. Some common methods include:

Part-by-Part Memorization

  • Break the Quran into small chapters or paras and focus on memorizing one part at a time.
  • Master one para before moving to the next until the entire Quran is covered.

Half-Juz a Day

  • Divide the 30 parts (Juz) of the Quran and memorize half a Juz each day.
  • At this pace, it will take 60 days to complete memorization.

One Juz a Week

  • Memorize one full juz of the Quran every week.
  • With 30 parts in the Quran, it will take 30 weeks or approximately 8 months.

See what resonates best with you and your schedule. Our Online Quran classes offer flexibility in choosing a suitable memorization program.

Make Use of Digital Tools

Many digital tools and apps can optimize the memorization process:

  • Quran Memorization Apps: Apps like the Quran have learning features like verse-by-verse repetition, progress tracking, translations, and transliterations.
  • Audio-Visual Aids: Watch and listen to professional Quran recitation videos and audio clips online to pick up proper enunciation.
  • Digital Quran: Scroll through the e-Quran to read along verses as you memorize. Highlight tools can help mark verses.
  • Quran Memorization Websites: Websites have memorization techniques and resources like memorization planners to structure progress.

Avail these digital facilitations to memorize efficiently and save time.

Have A Daily Routine

Establish a consistent daily memorization routine suited to your schedule. For instance:

  • Decide fixed times for memorization sessions, such as after Fajr prayers.
  • Set a daily target, like memorizing 5 new verses or revising 10 verses.
  • Recite and repeat verses multiple times for retention before moving ahead.
  • Review previously memorized verses for reinforcement.
  • Take occasional breaks to reset concentration.

Developing a regular habit is crucial for steady progress and completion. Online courses allow you to create your own routine.

Connect with Our Qualified Online Tutor

One of the biggest benefits of online Quran memorization is getting guidance from experienced tutors. Our Online institutes have qualified instructors who can:

  • Assess recitation and provide feedback.
  • Suggest effective memorization techniques.
  • Help create a customized learning plan.
  • Identify problem areas and improve weak spots.
  • Keep you motivated through positive reinforcement for our Intensive Hifz course.

Their expertise and supervision can make the learning process much more efficient.

Participate in Group Classes

Sign up for online hifz classes with interactive group sessions. Being part of a class provides:

  • A set discipline with fixed class schedules.
  • Peer learning from seeing others progress.
  • Motivation through competition and goals.
  • Learning through discussions and Q&A.
  • Accountability through tests and assessments.

The group environment online gives the right push when progress plateaus or consistency drops.

Make Dua and Ask for Allah’s Help

Never underestimate the power of dua and asking Allah (SWT) for assistance in this blessed journey.

  • Ask Allah (SWT) to grant hifdh abilities and a retentive memory.
  • Seek refuge from Shaytaan and removal of obstacles.
  • Make dua for consistency in the memorization endeavor.
  • Pray for a deeper understanding of the meanings.

By putting trust and reliance in Allah (SWT), the seemingly difficult memorization task becomes much easier.

InshaAllah, by implementing these tips with a positive attitude and sincere intention, your goal of memorizing the entire Quran is within reach. The blessings and rewards for attaining this achievement are immense. Stay committed to the process and have full faith in Allah’s (SWT) help – success awaits!


Becoming a Hafiz of the complete Quran is a fulfilling and rewarding journey that connects you to the blessed words of Allah (SWT). With the Hafiz of Quran Online classes and technology, the memorization process can be streamlined effectively. Follow an organized methodology, create a routine, use digital tools, and get guidance from experienced tutors online. By incorporating these strategies, your dream of becoming a Haafiz can soon become a reality. Approach this goal with pure intentions, perseverance, and Allah’s (SWT) assistance – and the fruits of your efforts will be plenty, InshaAllah.


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