Youm al Qiyamah Signs and Proximity (The Final Day of this World)

Introduction: The Final Day of this World Youm al Qiyamah

Youm al Qiyamah, also known as the Day of Resurrection, is a significant event in Islamic eschatology. It is a day of judgment when all individuals will be held accountable for their deeds, determining their ultimate fate in the afterlife. In this article, Qiratul Quran explores the signs of Youm al Qiyamah and delves into the question of its proximity.

1- Signs of Youm al Qiyamah

Youm al Qiyamah (The Signs of Qiyamah)
Youm al Qiyamah (The Signs of Qiyamah)

The Major Signs

1- The Arrival of Dajjal (The Antichrist)

One of the significant signs of Youm al Qiyamah is the arrival of Dajjal, a false messianic figure who will deceive many with his miraculous abilities. Dajjal’s emergence will be accompanied by chaos and tribulations, testing the faith of believers.

2- The Descent of Prophet Isa (Jesus)

The return of Prophet Isa (Jesus) is another pivotal event foretold in Islamic tradition. He will descend to Earth and play a vital role in defeating Dajjal and establishing justice and peace.

3- The Emergence of Ya’juj and Ma’juj (Gog and Magog)

Ya’juj and Ma’juj are tribes known for their mischief and aggression. Their release into the world will bring about a time of great turmoil and destruction.

4- The Rising of the Sun from the West

A dramatic cosmic event, the rising of the sun from the west, will signal a point of no return, where repentance and faith will no longer be accepted.

5- The Beast of the Earth

The appearance of a mysterious creature, known as the Beast of the Earth, will further add to the chaos and confusion during these end times.

6- The Minor Signs

In addition to the major signs, there are numerous minor signs that will gradually unfold, indicating the approaching Youm al Qiyamah.

7- Widespread Corruption

Before the Day of Resurrection, corruption and moral decay will become prevalent, causing suffering and turmoil in societies.

8- Increase in Earthquakes

The frequency and intensity of earthquakes will rise, disrupting the stability of the earth.

9- Prevalence of Immorality

Immoral behavior and lack of ethics will become widespread, challenging the principles of righteousness and virtue.

10- Disappearance of Knowledge

As the end approaches, knowledge will decline, and ignorance will prevail, making it challenging for people to discern the truth.

11- Time Passing Quickly

A perceptible change in the passage of time will be felt, making days and years seem to fly by rapidly.

2- Evaluating Proximity to Youm al Qiyamah

The exact timing of Youm al Qiyamah remains unknown, as it is a matter of divine knowledge. Islamic teachings emphasize the uncertainty surrounding the Day of Resurrection, highlighting the importance of faith and readiness for its arrival.

1- The Importance of Uncertainty

The unpredictability of Youm al Qiyamah is a test of faith, urging believers to remain steadfast in their devotion to Allah regardless of when the day may come.

2- Understanding Perplexity in the Context of Faith

Islamic prophecies often carry elements of perplexity, challenging believers to trust in the divine wisdom and plan, even when events seem inexplicable.

3- The Concept of Burstiness in Prophetic Narrations

The concept of “burstiness” refers to the sporadic nature of prophetic signs, where events may occur in clusters, followed by periods of apparent silence. This bursty pattern enhances the mystery surrounding the end times.

3- Preparing for Youm al Qiyamah

As the signs of Youm al Qiyamah unfold, Muslims are encouraged to take specific actions to prepare for this momentous event.

1- Strengthening One’s Faith

Strengthening one’s faith through regular prayers, recitation of the Quran, and seeking knowledge is vital to face the uncertainties of the future.

2- Performing Good Deeds

Engaging in acts of kindness, charity, and compassion towards others is an essential aspect of Islamic teachings, especially during these challenging times.

3- Seeking Forgiveness

Repentance and seeking forgiveness for past sins can bring solace and hope in the face of impending judgment.

4- Showing Kindness and Charity

Helping those in need and showing empathy towards others fosters a sense of community and solidarity during times of tribulation.

5- Embracing Hope and Faith

Despite the signs indicating the approaching Youm al Qiyamah, Muslims find solace and hope in their unwavering faith and trust in Allah.

4- Importance of Faith in Islamic Beliefs

Faith in Allah’s wisdom and plan is a cornerstone of Islamic beliefs, providing believers with comfort and guidance through life’s uncertainties.

1- Finding Comfort in the Promise of Allah

The Quran offers assurances of Allah’s mercy and forgiveness to those who genuinely seek it, instilling hope and optimism for a better future.

2- Balancing Fear and Hope

Islamic teachings encourage striking a balance between fear and hope, recognizing the seriousness of judgment while remaining hopeful in Allah’s mercy.


Youm al Qiyamah, the Day of Resurrection, is a profound concept in Islam, shaping believers’ worldviews and guiding their actions. While the signs of Youm al Qiyamah are evident, the exact timing remains a divine secret. As Muslims prepare for the future, they embrace uncertainty with hope and faith in Allah’s divine plan. Through strengthening their faith, performing good deeds, and seeking forgiveness, believers strive to be ready for the Day of Resurrection.


  1. Q: How can one prepare for Youm al Qiyamah?

    • A: To prepare for Youm al Qiyamah, one must focus on strengthening their faith through prayer, devotion, and self-reflection. Engaging in good deeds, showing kindness and charity, and seeking forgiveness are also essential aspects of preparation.
  2. Q: Are the signs of Youm al Qiyamah already visible?

    • A: Yes, many of the signs mentioned in Islamic teachings have been observed, suggesting that the Day of Resurrection is drawing nearer. However, the exact timing remains known only to Allah.
  3. Q: How should Muslims balance fear and hope regarding Youm al Qiyamah?

    • A: Muslims should approach Youm al Qiyamah with both fear and hope. Fear of judgment motivates believers to avoid sin and strive for righteousness. Simultaneously, hope in Allah’s mercy encourages optimism and repentance.
  4. Q: Is it possible to know the exact time of Youm al Qiyamah?

    • A: No, the exact time of Youm al Qiyamah is known only to Allah. Islamic teachings emphasize that it is beyond human knowledge and understanding.
  5. Q: What is the significance of faith during the signs of Youm al Qiyamah?

    • A: Faith serves as a guiding light during times of uncertainty and upheaval. It provides comfort, assurance, and the strength to face challenges with unwavering trust in Allah’s plan.

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