Quranic Verses on the Afterlife (Akhirah)

Quranic Verses on the Akhirah, The Quran, the holy book of Islam, contains many verses that discuss the afterlife and matters related to the next world. The Arabic word ‘akhirah’ refers to the afterlife or hereafter. Qiratul Quran will guide you about the Quran emphasizing that this worldly life is temporary, while life after death is eternal. It encourages believers to focus on seeking Allah’s pleasure and rewards in the hereafter rather than only worldly gains.

Quranic Verses on the Akhirah
Quranic Verses on the Akhirah

Descriptions of Paradise

Several Quranic Verses on the Akhirah describe paradise (Jannah) – the eternal abode of peace and bliss for righteous believers in the afterlife.

Physical Descriptions

Paradise is described as containing lush gardens with rivers flowing underneath (Quran 2:25). The gardens will have trees, fruits, shade, and springs (Quran 13:35, 55:46-76). Believers will recline on couches lined with rich brocade, while immortal youths will serve them drinks in goblets and platters of gold (Quran 18:31, 43:71, 56:15-26).

Spiritual Joy

More importantly, paradise will give immense spiritual joy, satisfaction, and peace to its inhabitants. Allah assures believers that He has prepared for them gardens under which rivers flow, where they will abide eternally (Quran 9:72, 61:12). The greatest bliss will be attaining the pleasure of Allah (Quran 9:72). There will be no vain talk, sin or harm in paradise (Quran 52:23, 56:25-26).

Reunion with Loved Ones

Believers will be reunited with their righteous family and spouses in paradise (Quran 13:23, 36:55-57, 40:8). They will say “Praise be to Allah who has fulfilled His promise to us and made us inherit the land, that we may abide in paradise wherever we please” (Quran 39:74).

Descriptions of Hellfire

The Quran also graphically describes Jahannam (hellfire) – the destination of unrepentant disbelievers who reject Allah’s signs and commands.

Physical Suffering

Hellfire will have fierce, scorching flames and boiling water for the disbelievers to drink (Quran 56:41-55). They will suffer from blistering heat and intensely cold winds (Quran 76:13-14). Their skins will constantly be burnt and replaced so the punishment is never relieved (Quran 4:56). The food they get will choke them and not satisfy their hunger (Quran 88:4-7).

Anguish and Remorse

The agony of hellfire will also be emotional and psychological. There will be remorse, shame, hopelessness, and resignation (Quran 10:54, 16:28, 25:65-66). The disbelievers will cry “O Malik! Let your Lord put an end to us!” to the angel in charge of hellfire (Quran 43:77). But he will reply that they must remain therein.

No Escape

The inhabitants of hell will plead for relief or death, but this will not be granted (Quran 14:16-17, 20:74). “They will not be able to leave from it, and for them is a lasting punishment,” warns the Quran (Quran 5:37). The disbelievers will ultimately acknowledge their wrong and beg for a second chance, but in vain (Quran 35:36-37).

Balance between Hope and Fear

While the graphic descriptions of Jahannam are frightening, the Quran indicates Allah does not intend to be unjust towards His creation (Quran 41:46). The comprehensive message on the afterlife aims to instill hope in believers and warn those rejecting the truth. Allah promises immense rewards for the righteous strivers, beyond anything they can imagine. At the same time, He cautions those going astray that the Hereafter will be unlike anything experienced before. The vivid depictions serve as a reminder to focus on seeking Allah’s pleasure before the approaching Day of Judgment.

Conclusion on Quranic Verses on the Akhirah

The Quran contains many verses describing the afterlife (akhirah). It vividly depicts Paradise (Jannah) with lush gardens, rivers, luxuries, and reunions with loved ones as the eternal reward for righteous believers. Hellfire (Jahannam) is graphically portrayed with scorching heat, bitter cold, anguish, and hopelessness as the eternal punishment for unrepentant disbelievers. The aim is to strike a balance between hope and fear – encouraging believers to strive for Paradise while warning those who reject truth. The depictions remind us this worldly life is fleeting and motivate focusing on seeking Allah’s pleasure and the eternal abode of peace.

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