Full-Time Hifz Program Online

Full-Time Hifz Program Online
Full-Time Hifz Program Online

Online Full-Time Hifz Program

Our online full-time hifz program allows students to focus completely on memorizing the Holy Quran from their homes. This type of intensive Quranic education program is designed to help students memorize the whole Quran within one year.

Qiratul Quran is a well-reputed Quran institute in the world Where students will get the Best Quran memorization program to fulfill their Hifz Quran goals in a very short time with their willing availability.

Fully-Structured Full-time Hifz Program Online

A quality full-time online hifz program will have a fully-structured curriculum led by experienced faculty. Students will follow a customized schedule that incorporates proven memorization techniques and strengthens their understanding of the Quran’s meaning. Built-in assessments track progress.

Full-Time Hifz Program Online (Hifz Planner)
Full-Time Hifz Program Online (Hifz Planner)

About Qiratul Quran Hifz Course

Qiratul Quran offers a premier online hifz program for full-time students serious about dedicating themselves to the noble goal of memorizing the entire Holy Quran within one year.

Taught by high-caliber Arab huffaz with decades of experience, the Qiratul Quran’s structured curriculum allows students to memorize the Quran with proper Makharij and tajweed. Small online class sizes ensure individualized attention.

Our 5 Levels of Full-Time Hifz Program

Qiratul Quran divides its intensive full-time hifz program into five levels:

Level 1: Memorization of Juz 1-9

Students begin with memorizing Juz 1 while strengthening their Makharij, tajweed, and recitation. As students show mastery of each juz, they progress until completing Juz 9.

Level 2: Memorization of Juz 10-18

During the second level, students memorize Juz 10 onwards while revising the first nine juzes. This tests retention while building memorization capacity.

Level 3: Memorization of Juz 19-27

At the halfway mark, students continue memorization up till Juz 27 while revising earlier juz using proven repetitive methods. Students take assessments from their teacher to address weak areas.

Level 4: Complete Quran Memorization

Students complete memorizing the entire Quran at this level while extensively revising earlier lessons. The special focus is on perfecting word pronunciation and strong memorization.

Level 5: Intensive Revision & Exam Preparation

The final level involves intensive revision sessions, mock exams with tutors, and tailored preparation to pass ijaza exams confidently. Students will be rewarded as confident huffaz ready to lead prayers.

Arab Huffaz Tutors with Highly Experienced Faculty

Qiratul Quran employs tutors who are Arab huffaz with decades of experience running reputable hifz programs abroad. Fluency in both Arabic and English facilitates effective student communication and teaching.

Our Senior faculty of teachers instruction junior tutors to coach students with proven memorization techniques to teach this intensive Hifz program. Moreover, Our online classrooms connect students to the real visionary journey of our Hifz program.

Easy Methods of Hifz with Our Intensive Quran Memorization Program

Qiratul Quran makes memorization approachable by breaking intimidating goals into achievable steps. Daily modules split assigned juza into small, memorizable portions augmented with engaging multimedia visual and audio content.

Tutors emphasize memorizing via listening and repetition early on rather than stressful cold memorization. This trains the student’s tongue and ear first before increasing self-reliance and confidence.

How Students in Qiratul Quran Memorize the Whole Quran in One Year

The secret behind Qiratul Quran students successfully memorizing the entire Quranic text in one year depends on tailored scheduling. Students devote 8-12 hours per day to structured hifz goals while taking scheduled breaks to allow absorption.

Fixed weekly and monthly assessments identify weaker areas needing special focus by tutors. tutors will assign customized home revision routines to connect newly learned verses to long-term memory.

What is the Routine of Hifz Classes?

Our online Hifz classes at Qiratul Quran follow this routine:

  • Tutors commence classes by reviewing previously assigned memorization goals and homework. Difficult verses receive extra focus.
  • New memorization portions are introduced often through focused listening and repetition to familiarize students’ ears and tongues first.
  • Once confident with recitation, students practice self-recalling verses from memory through activities like filling gaps.
  • Toward the end, tutors assign new memorization portions as self-study homework for the next class. Additional revision goals are also set.
  • Throughout the class, tutors emphasize proper Makharij and tajweed when reciting verses to instill excellent pronunciation habits from the start.

This balanced structure ensures students build capacity, retain old material, and make consistent progress class-to-class along their hifz journey in a supportive environment.

Benefits of Our Hifz Classes

Students who enroll in Qiratul Quran’s full-time online hifz program gain benefits beyond memorization itself, including:

Small Online Class Sizes

With class sizes capped at five students per tutor, each student receives focused individual guidance instead of getting lost in a crowd.

Affordable Tuition

Our online program costs significantly less or is somehow costly but without compromising on quality instruction.

Self-Discipline & Time Management

The intensive learning pace builds exceptional self-discipline, time management skills, and effective study habits.

Retaining What Is Memorized

Customized revision techniques and assessments emphasize retaining verses in long-term memory instead of temporary memorization.

Primary Islamic Knowledge

Foundational knowledge gained knowledgeable students in the future. So, our advanced Islamic Studies course is for the best of our Hifz students to a deeper understanding of the Quranic verses with their memorization.

Individual Male and Female Tutors

We provide same-gender tutors for students to ensure comfort and adherence to Islamic etiquette.

Hifz Certificate

Students completing our program attain certified ijazahs recognizing their hifz achievement.

One-on-One Hifz Classes

Each student receives individualized attention as our classes function like private tutoring.

Availability Throughout the Week

Qiratul Quran’s dedicated one-on-one classes and tailored revision sessions are available throughout the week based on student and tutor availability. Although, other programs with fixed schedules, our flexibility makes our program accessible to those with commitments or in different time zones.

Students can schedule intensive memorization classes or block out periods for self-study as needed for full-time peaceful progress. Tutors also offer revised material revision sessions on demand for struggling students. This facilitates maximum progress while working around individual circumstances.

Additional Support for Exemplary Students

At Qiratul Quran, we nurture our best and brightest memorizers with additional support such as:

  • Maqamat Hifz Course: Special training in memorizing maqamat recitations to become elite recitors.
  • Special Arab instructors like Egyptian Arabic tutors give one-on-one focus on excelling memorization pace and technique.
  • Exposure to advanced tajweed concepts like qaloon from renowned international Qaris.
  • Live Q&A sessions with graduating hafiz role models to motivate and share real-world experiences.
  • Flexible scheduling access for consistently top-performing students if experience external exams.
  • Opportunities to attempt memorizing Qiraat other than Hafs once hifz completes.
  • Produced video recordings to preserve the student’s recitation style for their future use or sharing.

These privileges earned by our top tier of motivated students take their skills to higher levels benefitting our Islamic community. Even as they achieve personal dreams of flawless hifz, their example motivates their junior peers.


Qiratul Quran’s online full-time hifz program allows serious students to realize the cherished goal of memorizing the complete Holy Quran in one year under the experts of reputable Arab huffaz. Structured content delivery, small class sizes, and proven memorization techniques facilitate efficient and confident memorization for graduates ready to lead as huffaz. Click the WhatsApp button and book your class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Hifz classes are available around the clock based on personalized schedules tailored to each student’s availability and time zone.

We cap our online classes at 5 students to maintain an intimate, focused learning environment.

Our tutors actively monitor each student’s progress and offer customized catch-up plans involving extra classes and revision sessions if anyone lags behind.

Based on most students’ abilities, we recommend a 12 month enrollment for long-term, properly cemented hifz rather than rushing memorization. But customized acceleration is possible on dedicated students’ request after assessments.


Qiratul Quran is An Online Quran Institute. we Offered to Learn Online Quran With Tajweed For Kids & Adults & Quran Memorization (Hifz e Quran) in UK & USA