Finding Strength Through the Quran | Top Quranic Verses About Strength

The Quran, the holy book of Islam, contains many verses that can provide strength and resilience during difficult times. Turning to the Quran can give comfort, hope, and empowerment when facing life’s struggles. Qiratul Quran will tell you some key Quranic passages about finding strength through faith.

Finding Strength Through the Quran | Top Quranic Verses About Strength
Finding Strength Through the Quran | Top Quranic Verses About Strength

Surahs to Read for Finding Strength Through the Quran

Several surahs (chapters) of the Quran offer messages of strength and perseverance. Reading these passages can uplift your spirit when going through hardships.

Surah Al-Baqarah

This lengthy, early surah reminds believers that Allah tests people in different ways, and those who patiently persevere will receive great rewards (Quran 2:155-157). Al-Baqarah also urges steadfastness in faith and righteous deeds (2:177).

Surah Ali ‘Imran

Verses 26-27 of this surah affirm that Allah is in control and will give strength to believers. “Allah tasks not a soul beyond its scope. For it (is only) that which it has earned, and against it (only) that which it has deserved…” This reminds us that Allah does not burden us with more than we can bear.

Surah Ar-Rum

This surah counsels patience and trust in Allah during hardship, reassuring that ease will follow difficulty (Quran 30:60). It also emphasizes that we must strive diligently and rely fully on Allah (30:23).

Quran on Enduring Hard Times

The Quran offers much guidance for getting through periods of trial and tribulation. Some key principles include:

Have Patience and Persevere

Allah reminds us that we will be tested and face calamities, and advises us to have patience which is better than complaining (Quran 2:153-157). Patience and perseverance for Allah’s sake lead to great rewards.

Rely on Allah

When feeling weak, turn to Allah and ask for strength and respite. Allah reassures us He is with us during difficulty (2:214). Sincere reliance (tawakkul) on Allah is empowering.

Reflect on the Bigger Picture

Hardships are part of Allah’s plan and have divine wisdom. Reflecting on how trials strengthen our character and renew our faith gives a broader perspective. This life is fleeting, but the Hereafter is eternal.

Do Righteous Deeds

Stay firm in faith and continue doing good deeds. Pray, give in charity, help others. These acts draw us closer to Allah and keep our spirits uplifted.

Powerful Duas for Difficult Times

Certain duas (prayers) from the Quran and Hadith are especially impactful for invoking Allah’s help, protection, and strength when undergoing difficulties.

Ayat Al-Kursi

This verse (2:255) is known as the greatest verse of the Quran. Reciting it reminds us Allah is the All-Powerful so we can rely on Him fully.

Last Three Surahs

Reading Surah Ikhlas, Falaq and Nas (chapters 112-114) together invokes Allah’s protection from all evil and hardships. This was the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Rabbi Inni Duas

These duas, based on verses from Surah Al-Anbiya and Al-Qasas, ask Allah for patience, strength, and firmness of faith when in distress.

Surahs to Gain Strength

Along with the verses above, reading these surahs can boost your inner strength and willpower:

Surah Al-Inshirah

This short surah gives reassurance that relief and ease come after hardship. It opens our chest and removes burdens.

Surah Ad-Duha

Similar to Al-Inshirah, this surah promises that Allah will give comfort and strength after we patiently persevere.

Surah Ash-Sharh

A powerful surah against anxiety and grief, Ash-Sharh describes Allah expanding and strengthening our hearts.

Surah Al-Kahf

Reciting this lengthy surah on Fridays brings light and strength. The stories of faith strengthen resolve.

Surah At-Tawbah

This chapter describes consistent believers who receive Allah’s help and victory. Their strength inspires us.

Asking Allah for Strength

Here are some tips when supplicating to Allah for strength:

  • Admit your weakness and need for Allah’s strength
  • Ask for strength to uphold faith, worship, and righteous deeds
  • Plead for inner strength, willpower, resilience, and patience
  • Make dua after prayers and in the last third of the night
  • Ask Allah to make hardship easier and provide relief
  • Have conviction that Allah answers prayers for strength
  • Say “Ya Azizu” (“O Mighty One”) and “Ya Qawiyyu” (“O Powerful”)

Finding Strength Through the Quran contains boundless wisdom and comfort for life’s difficulties. Turning to it can help give you the mental and spiritual strength to carry on during your biggest trials. Trust that Allah knows what you are going through, wants the best for you, and will support you.

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